Watch dog

While visiting the kids over Spring break we also had the pleasure of seeing our special Clementine! She is older now and although she was excited to have company she was very calm and well behaved. She waited by the bedroom door each morning hoping someone would wake up and sit with her instead of impatiently jumping and blocking the bathroom door. She shook hands, gave high fives and rolled over, then stood waiting for a treat. She looked at me with her big eyes, but waited before jumping onto the couch, plopping her paws over and watching for her friend the cat to appear. It was great fun to see her and how she has grown! Miss you Clementine!




65 thoughts on “Watch dog

    • No, my son and his wife adopted her and she is so special! That was about 2 years ago and she has really become so calm or more calm! haha! We hadn’t seen her at Thanksgiving and so I missed her allot. We went for Spring break and I took those pictures then.

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