The hat

It is now 4 months after my surgery. My sweet daughter bought me this hat for my birthday! I am trying to be careful when I go outside. I wear sunblock, avoid the peak hours and now have my cool hat! Β Thanks for your support dear blog friends!

78 thoughts on “The hat

  1. Lovely hat! My son had a carbuncle removed from his chin when he was 4. Lots of sunblock, staying out of the sun, and you would never know he had a decent sized scar. You look like you are healing well! Glad to see.


  2. You look great! I hope this is just the first of many hats you acquire.

    I love hats. I especially like hats with straps like yours has. It makes it so much nicer not to have to worry too much about the wind blowing it off and away.
    As much as I love hats I only have a few b/c my head is so small it’s really hard to find one that fits. I got lucky two weeks ago at a street faire and found one that fit, and the seller sold it to me dirt cheap b/c he was having a hard time shifting it b/c it was XS. For a change I was doing my Hat happy dance and singing Lucky Me! “)

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