61 thoughts on “April fools? 

  1. My niece in Denver sent me a video of heavy snow last week, couldn’t believe it, we had a gloriously hot and sunny few days – my legs actually got sunburned through my jeans! I hope it’s not headed this way, although the temps have dropped considerably today.

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  2. We keep having snow and melt, snow and melt.. Did you see Stewie skiing uphill ? I bet there’s at least 3 sandwich layers of ice and snow at the cabin.. The 22nd I start my 4 day vacation, I hope it’s all melted by then 😕

    I’m playing catch up on my blog reading, in reverse, I’m to your blog now 😄 with a bunch more behind you to read 💛

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  3. I liked your April Fool’s Day joke, even if it was Mother Nature playing it on you, dear. Good footprints picture!
    Oh my goodness, Lynn. We had slush on Friday morning. It melted as soon as it landed! xo ❤
    If somehow I don't get back, Happy Easter to all especially your twin baby grandsons. 🙂


  4. My sister had hail this morning in Port Angeles Washington….otherside of the mountains from you but hail it was!!! Happy Easter….hope life is going well for you and your standing tall and in complete control…xxxx

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