Thanks for all of your nice wishes yesterday and today! The skin check went well and the Doctor told me to come back after 6 months. Nothing out of the ordinary was found and I feel more relaxed.

After the check up we went to meet my dad for coffee and then headed to the kids house to spend time with Jacki and the boys. Wow they have changed so much in just 3 weeks!

After having fun with our babies we headed to the track meet where we met mom and dad. Mude ran the 800 and took first place! I am so proud of him and his dedication. Many times he has been disappointed but has kept training and doing his best!

A wonderful day very blessed in every way




59 thoughts on “Friday

  1. I’m so happy to hear, that all went well with you, dear Lynn 🙂

    Big congratulations to Mude, very well done 😀

    The babies are growing so fast and they look so happy. Good that you have such good contact with all in your family ❤

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  2. Great to hear the doctor is happy with your skin check. I really must go and get mine done soon.
    Wow those grandsons of yours are growing up so quickly! And congratulations to Mude on his first place!!

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