Story time


IMG_2925 (1)

Two cute little twin boys each grabbed a colorful book and climbed up onto the recliner. They sat happily, looking at fuzzy bears, shapes and colors. Pages came to life with stories of trucks that beep and geese that honk.

Then they both decided one of the books was more interesting, it had textured pages and lots of bright colors. Both boys were crying and the book finally fell down onto the floor. Β They looked at each other feeling quite sad that it had come to a fight. They decided to share and got back to reading.

What adorable and special little guys! I love these boys!


They lived happily ever afterIMG_2924



75 thoughts on “Story time

  1. When I see pictures of your kids and g-kids, they always make me smile.. Then, without fail, I remember some excerpt from your past, usually related to the current hugable post.. Memories from the first apartment haunt this one.. I’m not sure why but figure it has to do with your ex’s selfishness..
    That may seem like it somehow diminishes the warm fuzzies of of this post.. Not true..
    It reminds me that it all was worth it.. You endured, your family endured and that this history brought these treasures to life..

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  2. Hey please check out my latest post on my blog…What’s your story?…read and drop your comment,you never know you would get inspiration from your story…check comment area for mine!


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