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I returned home just days following Hurricane Harvey’s rampage through this part of Texas, getting a first hand view of the devastation to some 100+ families, not including the dozens of businesses that were impacted in our small town. The saddest part of this tragedy is most of those affected could not afford these life changing events.

They lost everything…except each other. They have no clothes, no shoes, no food, no furniture,  no school supplies, no homes, no direction…and no money.

Rebuild? How? With What?

Move? Where?

Pull yourself up with your boot straps? Who has boots?

I sat with a restaurant owner yesterday as she handed out grocery store gift cards, clothing store gift cards, and cash to her staff members who have no place to live, and no means to ‘start over’. It was important that the restaurant open because these folks needed to get a paycheck, and that wouldn’t…

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10 thoughts on “Help Is Here

  1. The only consolation here is that one can do nothing against nature. In Greece every day hundreds of refugees arrive, with …nothing. They have fled war started by their fellow humans, through greed, stupidity, and for political gain. People give, and give, and have been giving for years now. The fire in Oregon was started by some idiot kids playing with fireworks. How many will have lost their homes, if not their lives, by the end of it? Thank God for the humanity and good hearts of some of our fellow men, but others are a lot to blame for the suffering of their neighbors.

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