Writing day

Today will be a writing day and I hope to accomplish allot on the book. I have had every intention of working each day, but things happen when you are taking care of a household. So a new approach, I will work all day for two days during the week and not do much else. I will try this and see how it works. This is part 1 of a series I am writing.  I am not experienced so a big book with many pages sounded like too much. Below is just a little snippet from the beginning of the book, of course still rough. I will be around later to say hi and comment, but for now after the kids get off to school I will be sitting in my special quiet room, writing!



Suspicion mounted in our already tense world as I asked questions and argued with the usual rules that now seemed to press on my airways, impeding my breath. I felt betrayed by my own awakening and wished that I could go back to the unobtrusive woman I had become. A wave of guilt, shame and anger swept me up into its vortex riddling my mind with confusion. Each day it grew in strength and fury, dismantling the fear that had locked me in for decades. I stood at attention, listening to him angrily berate me, hoping for a reprieve if I froze and resigned myself to his definition of life. But now the time had come, I could no longer hold back, a current of realization would not relent, taking me out of my comfort zone as obedient wife and subservient creature.

It was indisputable, my very existence had become automated, in sync and  undeniable. In the end nothing remained but a walking stick figure fashioned with a replaceable sticky note that said organism.


80 thoughts on “Writing day

  1. You are writing so very well, dear Lynn πŸ™‚
    Please remember to take care of yourself, when you feel, that your emotions are boiling over. Then take a break, get some fresh air, before you go on. This to avoid you feeling bad later<3

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  2. Isn’t if funny how life interrupts with our desires and wants!!! Dang it!!! Just do the best you can, I like the idea of a couple days only for writing, life will be waiting when you lay the pen down from the day. Even though your words bring the rage out in me, I can’t stop reading them, you are one of the strongest woman I know, and to have had to live under his constraints an control, you are amazing….can’t repeat how happy I am that you are free, home and hopefully enjoying everyday of your life again, grandbabies, your children, your folks, and a new granddaughter on her way, how could you not!! We still plan on getting up your way, just way laid with the loss of the RV and getting life back to a routine…send you lots of love and happiness my friend….XXXkat

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  3. It’s a question of finding what suits you. If this new regime suits then stick with it. If you find it isn’t the magic key don’ worry. Try something else. And don’t beat up on the fact that you have an extremely busy life outside of this pesky book that does want to come out but like a shy child is adept at hiding in the shadows and just giving you glimpses. Eventually the child will emerge, coaxed out and the world will gasp because you have an incredible, poignant, agonizing and uplifting story to tell and your voice is the voice of a gifted writer xxx

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  4. The bit you wrote in 2009 is a powerful building block. Your decision to schedule your “writing day” as separate space from taking care of your family is in line with the promise you made to yourself in 2009. My heart goes with you as you forge ahead. ❀


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  6. Hope you are going well with your writing and sticking to your plan. Even though i have been back from Tokyo for nearly four weeks I haven’t really had the mojo to sit and write. Busy with moving, finalising house sale and finding a job. Now I can TRY and write as I went so many new places this trip even though I have been 9 times, no one to distract me from places I want to visit now. Keep tapping away at those keys as your story needs to be told!!

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