This is my house!

Picture of guest room 


This summer was spent traveling to Boise, Seattle and Spokane. It was a whirlwind of trips! The other thing that occupied our time was fixing our home. The kids were so good at painting, trips to the dump and taking out old things that we did not want and had been left behind. It was a huge renovation or a huge make over might be the better word.

The kids worked hard on the whole house and most rooms were painted and made into a space we felt was comfy. We have never had a guest bedroom and now we do, it also serves as a room for me to concentrate on writing.

The only real expense was paint and a few tiny decorative items. I finally feel this is our home and we are taking  back our space! The picture below is an open space leading to the family room, everything was taken down, it was a yellow wall with University pictures. My daughter painted and we left it blank for awhile before putting this simple table and graduation pictures.

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83 thoughts on “This is my house!

  1. You “new” home looks great, Lynn 🙂
    It is important, that you make your home to a home, where you will feel good. If you have any kind of gemstones in your house, please clean them in cold water, dry them and place them in your new room(s). Then they will spread your energy in there and be protective too.

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  2. You know what I love Lynn, is the fact you say ‘This is my house’ and it is. It is lovely, and I am so pleased you have made it your house…nothing is better than a make over, it is like a fresh new beginning. Enjoy your house ! 🙂 xxx

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  3. Hi Lynn, How lovely it all is. What a blessing provided to you by your children. My kids did the same for me when we moved back into our family home without our “him” They have spent months, years actually, stripping out everything left behind, scraping and painting, digging up the never to be played upon grass, and even moving walls. It was very cathartic and without it, being here would be just too depressing. We still have not remodeled the kitchen, but it has been three years and his essence now no longer lingers, besides we have never been able to not use the kitchen for the extended period of time necessary to purge it. I guess what I am trying to say is that with each change my anxiety level as receded a notch, so it was completely worth the effort. Belinda

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    • Wow thanks so much for sharing that Belinda! He put up wood pieces as tables, desks, shelves that were all rough and not wanted! The guest room had been my room but after the last visit I could not use it! It was then my son’s room and now a lovely guest room that feels like me again! You are so right my anxiety has gone down a big notch!! we also have not remodeled the kicthen as it would be very costly. I need new cabinets, they are a mess, but I am happy the rest was done. Paint and a few little things really helped xxxxxx

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      • I cannot afford to change the kitchen either, and gosh golly do I hate my stove, but then I read about your need for a wooden spoon and feel like one of the privileged few. For the rest of it, we have relied on other people’s do you want this items, or we trade things like dry wall for computer help, and then there is lots and lots of hard work by us. It is amazing what you can learn to do on YouTube or by asking a random contractor at Home Depot for advice. My daughter’s have become home repair warriors, and experts at scrounging up the needed materials for close to nothing. I find it very refreshing that most people like to be helpful if you just give them a chance. I don’t know why I never realized that in the past when we were being held captive by a psychological terrorist.

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        • Well that is interesting. I never realized it either and until blogging I was still pretty nervous around anyone. I am trying now but its still hard. We were told how bad everyone was and not to trust anyone. So I guess that sticks with you! There are so many nice people who have offered to help me and I am always nervous about that. But I see many people do want to help and are good! Thanks so much! I have to read more of your stories now that I am back! We are sisters!xxxxx

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          • Unfortunately, I do not have your courage to face the details and share as you do. But I will say, your sharing has helped me in ways you cannot even imagine, and I am encouraged by you and yours. (((hugs)))

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          • I forgot to add that I have more days than I like to count were I still find it almost impossible to leave the house, but I have a fearsome batch of growing offspring that make continuing to try possible. Without them I would be lost, and I can only assume with all your lovely children you will always have a safety net too.

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          • Wow wow wow we are so close!!! It is hard yes to do simple things. I can now take walks again, but very scary! Cooking is coming back to me very slowly but that was suspended for almost two years! So having a cooking blog is kind of hard haha. Thanks Thanks and thanks!! My kids are so helpful and get me past things!

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  4. Hi Lynn, it is so lovely. Great job!
    Have you heard of the Japanese Mari Kondo? Her theory is that you should keep only things that make you happy, and dump/give away the rest.
    Your big make over made me think of this.

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  6. I love the beauty in the enlarged photos, which I believe you took, am I right, dear friend? The graduation photos in frames on above table is wonderful! You have a loving family who are helpful and realize all you sacrificed for them. Loved your guest bedroom! xo ❤

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