Happy almost weekend!

This weekend we will go to Green bluff, a picturesque farming area near my hometown. A few years ago my oldest son introduced us to this special experience. We sat at the starting point, a quaint little restaurant with pastries, pumpkin muffins and a variety of wonderful treats.

After looking through the ceramics, specialty kitchen items and fresh fruit we started our trek to various farms. For me it was a magical time, invigorating and lovely. Each year since then we have gone, sometimes during peach season or cherries, but always in the Fall for apples. Having the whole crew with us isn’t always possible but we are happy for those that can join us. Last year we took the boys, they were only a few months old. It will be exciting to introduce them to this family tradition.

For some reason this time of year and this special place are magical for me.

These pictures are from 2013 through 2016


74 thoughts on “Happy almost weekend!

  1. Hope you have a lovely weekend, you and your family. 🙂
    It’s apple ‘season’ here, too. In fact, I must make an apple crisp for a community function on Saturday. I loved those quilts in the shop!

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  2. Lynn, you just took me back a few years to all the Autumn weekends when I was growing up and to when I took my own kids to a local orchard to pick fruit and berries. Most of the time it was for apples, but then there were the peaches and finally the blackberries as the orchard expanded. There’s really nothing better than an apple that has just been picked from the tree! And your family look so happy with the trip also. That’s such a great experience for everyone.

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  3. Beautiful family event, Lynn. So lucky. I have such fond memories of apple-picking outings, we climbed the trees (not allowed, but we did) and ate ourselves into a stomach ache…so worth it ! I remembered…your family will too.

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