64 thoughts on “Snuggles

  1. Yes, well, I say that because the last time our 16-yr-old was here, he made sure I got onto a new iPhone. Now, previous to that I had the same cell phone since 2003 – yes, you read that right – which I was very happy with, since I use it (at the most! I) six times a month. Paid $10.00/month all those years. Well, grandson decides I must have an up-to-date phone with an up-to-date plan. He pressed a bunch of buttons and brought me up to speed with the latest ‘additions’ (NONE of which I wanted or needed) and I detest the thing. The latest bill was $51.65 and I used it – yes, it’s true! – HALF an hour altogether for the month. I bet you can guess where I wish that phone was . .. on his personage. I love him dearly but dear old granny just ain’t that hip.

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