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I have been working on my book for almost a year. I started last Fall and then dropped it for a long while. I am now back to working on it most days. I am not sure what to do or how to write a book but I am trying. I added posts from the blog, edited them and now am writing more stories to put this together in a logical order. It is a huge task but I am now motivated to get it done so wish me luck!

Saudi 6 (39)

Typical park in Riyadh

Happy Wednesday

This is a little blip of a story about the first time I walked to pick my boys up from school.

Noon call to prayer echoed through the villa, it was a signal to worship God and a reminder for the pious. The unabating desert swirled never ceasing, spewing dust and sand yet somehow tamed by these impassioned phrases of devotion. This ritual proclamation kept my day on track and in order, alerting me that school was almost done for the day.

The time had come to don my abaya, cart the two little ones and the double stroller down the stairs and head out into the neighborhood streets of Riyadh.  It would be the first time we left the villa without a mahram (male relative or guardian) giving me a chance at independence and a meted freedom. The boy’s school was just 2 blocks away and my eagerness to explore the area was at last reality.

The street looked much like it had the night we drove from the airport but in the noon heat it was eerily vacant. No men in tattered clothing rag and bucket in hand, no boys raucously kicking footballs. I made a mental note of how many streets we passed and any landmark that might guide us back to Abu Abdullah’s little white pickup parked just outside the doors.

Garbage dumpster in a vacant lot, remnants of litter whisked into rumpled mounds where feral cats skulked poised and ready for a skirmish. Two streets had passed no signs or names to plant inside my mind only houses, cars and random writing sprayed on walls. A metal appliance complete with faucet and a cup attached stood on the sidewalk in front of a large white home, blue metal gate. A nearby park emerged and just beyond it the road that lead to the boys only school.

I stood to one side looking for a crosswalk, glancing left and right, back and forth waiting for a break in traffic. Workers rode bikes narrowly missing cars that jammed the street, blocking vehicles from passing. Honking and screeching tires collided with the sounds of a school bell. Men crowded near the school gate waving hands and arms to gather up their passengers. Fathers, drivers and passersby stared and surveyed us as we made numerous attempts at crossing. The school let out and panic rose inside me, my son would soon emerge and I had to be there as I had promised. I stepped out into the street only to be rebuked by honking and endless cars that showed no sign of relenting. Moving back and forth looking for a gap to make my move, I checked on the girls both secured in the brightly colored stroller. At last I saw a break and took the opportunity to sprint moving to and fro until I reached the other side.

It seemed as if all eyes were narrowly focused on my gallant show of force running boldly past everyone and taking charge of my own passage. A surge of reality took hold when I realized no other females were present at the school or on the streets that had taken me there. Inching towards the gate I felt I had become an anomaly, a spectacle.


71 thoughts on “Update on the book

  1. I have enjoying your ‘excerpts’ and it is a captivating story. As it happens, one of my favourite bloggers (although she hasn’t been very active lately – I suspect she’s without internet access right now) is an editor. She’s got a list of services on her site, which is here:
    You’ll see that there are ‘beta’ readers online. You might consider putting out a plea for beta readers; they might even agree to doing it for free. Of course, their opinions would not be professional ones, understand, but it would give you a sense of what kinds of things they’d recommend on your way to publication.
    Just my .02 cents worth, Lynn. Carry on!

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  2. You are such a gifted writer! Keep at it! I just published my first little children’s book 🙂 Nothing as great a task as what you are doing, but if I can do it, you can too. 🙂 ❤


  3. Like I have always said, your a force to be reckeon with when it comes to your children, no one, no car, no man gets in your way. I love your writing. I feel like a could be standing by watching you, however just so you would know, I would of been there walking with you!! great job Lynn..XXkat

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  4. there is no rule to writing a book. Remember that. Whatever suits you is right and if it is maleable so be it. You have an amazing story – sometimes those are the hardest to write. But the excerpts are tantalizing. Just keep doing what seems right, dear friend. Because if it feels so, it is 🙂 xxx

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  5. You will finish this book. The healing that will have taken place will be extraordinary! You will then be able to look back at what you have overcome, the strength inside you, and the beautiful woman you are and always have been! Love you my friend!

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  6. Your writing style is very descriptive Lynz, And I know your book will be a big success.. I am so pleased you are back writing again.. Getting all of our thoughts out is very liberating and frees us tremendously from the burden of carrying it and keeping it all inside..
    And I can not even begin to imagine how difficult your journey was, and how recalling it in detail, must bring it all back.. But with the added bonus that you are now free ,,,

    Sending LOVE dear Lynz. take care of you.. and pace yourself.
    Love Sue xxx

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  7. You have a voice, Lynn, and you have a story. Carry on and put in on paper. Once your first draft is finished, and assuming you want to publish (I think it is a highly publishable story) you will need some help. Beta readers, someone to edit, maybe a mentor…Good luck with everything. If I can be of any help, I’d be more than happy💕

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  8. I think this is excellent, Lynn. Your writing makes the scene come alive and you build to the ending as you walk along describing the people and objects on the street. You haven’t mentioned that you are the only woman out but it is no surprise when this comes to light. You are a gifted writer. Just keep on going. You have a vital story to tell and the natural skills to write it. Underneath I can sense the emotions roiling within you. Great work!

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  10. This was a harrowing situation and one most of us have no idea about being the only female or male in a foreign country. ❤ Lynn, you are and always were a wonderful and brave mother! Good luck with your editing and finishing the most devastating period of your life.
    This new chapter of your U.S. life is exciting and you’re close to the Finish Line. 🎖🏆

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  11. Keep writing from your heart as you do.. You can see from the feedback that you reach people and draw them in, just by being yourself and sharing this journey.. There are ways to offer your book as an e-book.. Whether you publish in paper or as an e-book, I will be happy to buy it.. ( if in paperback or hardcover, I’m going to ask you to sign it)..
    I believe you will be astounded at sales, maybe not right away but as people share and word of mouth, your sales will rise.. I am sure of this..

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