Today my mother and sister will come to see me. My sister is leaving very soon, back to Saudi Arabia. We will spend the day together, they are going to take me and the girls out to lunch and then we will sit looking out at the Palouse. I will check in here and there but wont be around much today. Have a great Tuesday!


90 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. It is interesting how similar you and your sister are with your life course. I don’t have a sister but I watched the interaction between my mom and her sister. Bonds with brothers can be formed but they are never the same, I believe. Will your sister be working or living in Saudi?

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  2. Lynn, enjoy the precious sweet time with your mom, sister and daughters. It is great that you can have a special day with all of them. May the sweetness of the honeycomb be with you as you make sweet memories to cherish. Love the photo of you and your sister! πŸ™‚

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