Precious day


I puttered around the house, sweeping and mopping, tidying little bits and pieces that were out-of-order. A quick shower, some hair gel and blow dry, a little foundation applied to cover red cheeks, age spots and a recent scar. I pulled on the black jeans that had been purchased on a trip to see Abdullah. A bright blue shirt that Soos picked out and had encouraged me to wear on numerous occasions was gently pulled on over my hair. I stood inspecting myself in the mirror, refusing any negative thoughts about weight and just felt proud to be me.

Mom’s new little red car pulled next to the curb, they headed up the walkway all smiles and were greeted with hugs and kisses. The keys were handed to Soos and she was asked to drive us to our destination and try the cute new car. We made our way up the road through the Palouse to another University town only 10 miles away.

The restaurant was picked based on location and a recommendation from the two older girls who have been there many times.Β  My sister wanted to sit outside and view the scenery and this turned out to be the best place. Seating on the veranda gave a close up view of the golf course, green and yellow fields rolled in the distance. We laughed and talked and had fantastic food, then said our goodbyes to the girls who had to get back to work.

We paid a visit to the creamery right on campus ( where Anne and I went to University) which of course meant buying their famous cheese and ice cream. The next stop was made for shopping so Anne could finish her list of things to take back to Saudi and then to find a box for packing.

Soos drove us home where we opened the slider to a gentle breeze and shared the rest of the afternoon discussing life in a small town, changes that have occurred in Saudi over the past few years and photos of grown children and grandkids.

It was a precious day spent with mom who turns 83 in a week, my sister and three of my daughters. I heard mom remark that this was the best day ever!

We said our goodbyes, hugs and kisses and they drove away in the sporty new car.


65 thoughts on “Precious day

  1. I enjoyed reading about your day. I was very happy to see in the news that women are now allowed to drive in Saudi. I have some curiosity to see Saudi as I turned down an ESOL college teaching position there in 2012 but I don’t think it would have been easy for me as a woman wearing a head scarf, the clothing to cover my body, etc. and being from the West. Your sister : will she adapt upon returning to wearing an abaya in Saudi?

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  2. You looked lovely sister!! What a fun day, sadness to see your sister return to her home so far away, I have to agree with your mom, what a great day….I heard on the news that woman are being allowed to drive in Saudi now…hope that means your sister too!! Love the picture of the “gaggle of gals” have a wonderful family…xxkat

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  3. So glad you wore the bright blue top, it makes you look fabulous! What a precious day and memories to cherish. Having three of your daughters share some of the time was great. The photo is great. A very special once in a lifetime day! Cherish it in your heart! Thank you for sharing.

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