Family time

We had a relaxing weekend with crisp Fall air, a few leaves on the ground and an empty house. The girls accepted Alicia’s invitation to attend a play in Seattle. Foof and B took them there and back while I spent time at home with the two boys. It was great fun!

Saturday at our house

I spent the morning finishing up outdoor work in anticipation of winter.ย Saleeha popped over in the afternoon, took me to get groceries, a coffee and later took us all out for dinner. The boys sat across from us, laughing and exchanging insults but actually appeared to have a great time together.


Meanwhile the kids in Seattle ate donuts, went to a pumpkin patch and finally arrived at the play that evening! You can see from the photos below that some people made it through the corn maze before others!

Sunday morning arrived, Yusuf and Alicia took everyone to brunch and then the kids started on the trip back.

Sunday at our house we cooked and I had a new helper in the kitchen, my youngest.

We made big turkey meatballs, Marinaraย sauce and put that all together into delicious meatball subs.


We also made rice and Apricot chicken

_DSC0278 (2)

The kids got home, we ate and then listened to the fun they had with big brother and sister-in-law.

I had to finish my post with this picture of Clementine! It appears she is all ready for Halloween!

thumbnail_IMG_20170927_064122 (1).jpg


61 thoughts on “Family time

  1. The family unit back in fashion.. Something our nation has been lacking..
    This post is why family is most important for happiness and well being..
    In these photos it shows that you are passing this on to your kids..
    I don’t think there is a greater legacy to achieve.. You are an amazing cook and writer but you are an even better Mom..
    Looking forward to more family week and weekend posts..
    I’m going to click that apricot chicken link, it looks so good !

    Liked by 1 person

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