Family time

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Family time for our large group is not a special time that is set aside for anything in particular. Having a large family means every moment is basically family time. College kids coming and going, people dropping in for a quick bite to eat or taking me out to get groceries. I value this time and it makes me so happy to have these drop in visits.

It has been brought to my attention by wonderful  people who have entered our family, that there might be 5 or 6 conversations taking place all at once, and while everyone in the family unit follows what is going on, others can be a little lost. It takes time and eventually they come to understand our unique way of communicating!


Little brother hugging his big sister

The younger kids had no school Thursday or Friday and so that time was spent going to various appointments and making our way to Spokane for my skin check. We stopped over to pick up a special custom birthday cake that Yusuf ordered for Grama who celebrated her 83rd birthday on the weekend. thumbnail_IMG_3512

We took the cake and drove a few miles to Osama and Jacki’s house and spent time with the precious boys. Jacki is doing well but very tired and ready!

Mom and Dad arrived, we surprised mom with the cake, they visited for a bit and then took the cake for a celebration the next day at the lake. We said our goodbyes and headed back to our little town. Both boys waved and sweetly spoke the words Byyyyyeeeee



The next morning I took Heme to get on the bus for a cross country meet, we followed awhile later. The little town we went to is nearby and sits in a valley. The landscape was amazing.

Heme had a good run and did his best which for me is always what I hope for. We jumped in the car and drove two hours to the lake. Mom and Dad do not really need anything and so we hate to burden them with more stuff that they will not use. So in the past few years we bring lotion, chocolate, nuts, basically items that they really like and use. We helped put away the kayak, tied up the dock and made sure everything was up from the lawn. Mom made hot dogs, salad and we sat and ate.

The cake from Mom’s favorite place was taken out and served.

We kissed and hugged, got in the car and drove through the Palouse back to our sleepy college town where the gentle touch of Fall can be seen everywhere.



82 thoughts on “Family time

  1. In the midst of all the boisterous, noisy chaos that is a big family it is wonderful that there was time to celebrate well your mumma’s birthday. She looks incredible – at least 10 years younger than the figure on the cake and I think my favourite picture is the one of she and your father comfortably close together xxxx

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  2. Happy Birthday to your mom! I am sure the best gift she and your dad had was your company and celebrating in person with them. So good that you can spend time with your family. Those young twins’ personalities are showing. 🙂

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  3. Really enjoyed this post of your family activities. Your mom looks wonderful and she is still a great hostess, like your grandmother was. I share your photos with Don to make him long for the northwest scenery. Ellen

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  5. Thanks to your review I found this one. I am so glad I did not miss it. Wow, your mom looks amazing!! I cannot believe it was her 83rd birthday! What a great family. I am so happy you all had such a fantastic time. Your big family is fantastic!!

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  6. Looks like the weather is gorgeous, Lyn–perfect celebration (and running!) days… Friends and I were just bemoaning the fact that we are no longer a ‘drop-in’ culture…people call or plan far ahead if they are visiting. There’s a loss there, i think, and I love that you live in a home where drop-in visits are a regular thing!

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