Family time

Family time this weekend was spent relaxing, cooking and hanging around the house. My two older girls who live nearby went in separate directions spending time with friends and family. Those of us who reside in the house had our own little version of family time. We took walks, fell asleep on the couch, got groceries and did a little cooking. Sumaya made her banana bread again and mixed in extra chocolate chips. We watched our usual shows which means allot more talking and laughing than actual viewing!




Fattima and family

Meanwhile Fattima spent time with some family friends and then had fun with the precious boys. She cooked a meal, played games and spent the night. The next day everyone had breakfast with the grandparents and then it was time for her to return home.



Saleeha, friends and family

Saleeha went to Seattle, ate Filipino fried chicken and visited special friends. She met up with her brother and then came back ready for another work week.  She has been trying a lot of Filipino food lately and I am hoping that some recipes will follow.


Our house

At home we settled in for some cooking, little D wanted to have something different and suggested she might try a recipe from the blog. She hasn’t done that much cooking in the past but has been showing interest lately. She made Roz bizilla which is rice, ground beef, spices and peas. She did a great job!


Sunday came and she mentioned making a dessert! Again it was superb!


I made Chicken divan and mashed potatoes, it felt good to finally just wander out to the kitchen and cook without relying on everyone. The kids have been surprised lately when they come upstairs expecting to cook and see that food is already prepared and ready to go!!


Grama time and the special event

It was a relaxing weekend and will be a very special week, full of Grama time and support for the adorable family.




63 thoughts on “Family time

  1. You sound relaxed and content which makes me happy. That you are cooking is such a wonderful sign. And how excited you must all be as that baby looks very ready to make an entrance at any time. I really enjoyed this leisurely look at your weekend and I love that fact that you had plenty of family time and laughter xxx

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  2. What a beautiful mommy to be….nothing like the pictures of right before the birth….I love it….and send some kids our way, I will be happy to buy whatever they feel like cooking….lol so happy to hear you sounding wonderfully happy and enjoying life again…and cooking one of your favorite things to do…sending you big hugs and then another hug after that….love you sister….xxxkat

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