The little Princess



Yesterday I scrubbed the house top to bottom, washed loads of laundry and got extra groceries. I am preparing for the birth of my first granddaughter! It is an exciting time and we will do whatever we can to offer support to whoever needs it. Osama has come up with a plan to organize everything and has assigned us the fun duty of taking care of the boys. He and Jacki’s mother will be at the hospital to assist her becuase she is having another C-section. She will need help with the baby and getting around. Fattima will go with me and it is sure to be full of fun. I am praying for an easy time for Jacki and baby. The older kids who are acutally not kids any more will be in charge of our household and have my full trust.


74 thoughts on “The little Princess

  1. It sounds like you’ve got all under control, and be ready for the new baby, and taking care of the boys too.
    Her room looks beautiful. How do you pronounce her name? Ah-lay-na? I did the C-Section shuffle for weeks after Baby Girl was born that way. I say she came into the world via the window. My oldest, her brother came in via the door. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wish Jackie, and Alayna all the best for an easy delivery and speedy recovery.

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  2. Oh. Wow. New life. Nothing more precious. I send you love for you, for the family and for the new Earthling when she getโ€™s here. And her name? I love it …. in fact it is the name my husbandโ€™s favourite niece gave her daughter and she is an absolute cookie (now 3 years old). Happy. Happy. Happy xxxx

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