Family time plus one

Another week has come and gone. I love writing my family time posts. It has become a fun thing to do and a reminder to be grateful for everyone and everything. As most of you know last week was spent with Osama and Jacki waiting for Alayna and then supporting them in their household the rest of the week.

Day one-waiting for Alayana

Meeting Alayna and a trip to the hospital

Alayna comes home

IMG_3920 (1)

I bought the boys a little couch to watch t.v.

Jacki came home early from the hospital, she and baby are doing well. She is such a strong woman, wife and mother who puts her family first. I am very proud of her!

The weekend was full of helpers which can also be chaotic so now it’s time for the little family to start making their own routine with new baby. I am so proud of my son, he is a wonderful husband and father. He is there taking care of Jacki every step of the way, making sure she is comfortable. He changes diapers, gives baths and reads to the boys. He is there in every way and that means everything!

Back home to the Palouse


80 thoughts on “Family time plus one

  1. I am always fascinated by the studious and intense way that new siblings regard the new arrival with. Your portraits capture this perfectly and of course this is a very perfect little family! Xx

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  2. I bet the twins are torn between wondering if the baby is a new toy for them or if they should be jealous. Hopefully though with there already being two of them they are very used to sharing and will be nothing but wonderful big brothers. πŸ™‚

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      • At that age they won’t be quite sure what good she is when she just lays around sleeping or eating and they have to be gentle to touch. Not a very fun toy yet for what I’m sure are a couple of active little boys. LOL

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  3. The images are wonderful, and it’s so lovely to hear that Osama is a supportive, and helpful husband, and father. Such a contrast to what he had growing up. I’m so, so happy he’s completely different from his father! His wife and children will hopefully never know the horror you and he and his siblings endured.

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  4. Just looking at these beautiful family pictures again, and the one of the new little angel looks just like you and your mom….just sayin sister….she’s beautiful just like all the females in the family….but the resemblance is remarkable for you and your mom….xxxxkat

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