Crazy fun

This is our second week with Jacki and the kids! I can’t even describe the fun and craziness that happens when these kids are around. They are movie stars and everyone wants to see them, play with them and be around them! This is life living in a big family.

Of course Jacki and Alayna continue to be the beautiful and more quiet cast members of this raucous bunch!

I will do my best to get over and read blogs but my hands are full and I am cherishing every moment.

61 thoughts on “Crazy fun

  1. My heart shines for you dear Lynz.. this is being a grandparent. So special a time and you keep enjoying your children and your grandchildren Lynz… This is what LIFE is All about . Love and Family.. Unity and Joy.. ❀ xxx Hugs and please no worries about visiting.. Stay HAPPY… and I am happy xxx ❀


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