A treasured week


This past week we had the opportunity to have Jacki and the kids stay with us!

We started our preparations on the weekend, Deeja and Soos got out the drill and put up child proof latches on the two entertainment centers. I took all cleaning products and stored them in our laundry room. I purchased foods that the boys seem to like and made a toy center. We were ready!!

Jacki arrived with the kids in the morning, we unloaded and set up for her stay. The boys adjusted amazingly well and had fun playing with their aunts and uncles.

We tried to make it relaxing for Jacki, a little break, but of course she did work on her computer and insisted on pitching in!! She is a hard worker and said she needed to be productive.

The boys wanted to put Auntie’s socks and shoes on and woke Uncle Heme up each day!

Auntie Foof came some mornings and Auntie Saleeha came in the evenings.


To be totally honest, this is a dream that I could have never imagined. Don’t ever give up hope and keep those dreams alive.


89 thoughts on “A treasured week

  1. Lovely of you to plan and cater for such gatherings! You must be exhausted once it ends but definitely happy with family together. I love the closeness and warmth of your family instead of the cold, aloof and selfishness I face from almost non existent siblings. You are lucky. Keep the fire burning Lynz. You are doing great! Garfield hugs and a happy Sunday😊

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  2. What a wonderful and loving family you have Lyn! Your grandchildren are all so beautiful! They must light up all of your lives! It looks like the boys are practicing and preparing to be little cooks soon! ; )

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  3. Those children have the gift of a truly loving and bonded family and you made it so. You have so much reason for rejoicing and pride and it is wonderful to share your intimate family moments with you xxx

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