Grateful for my Jolly day


On Saturday we went to a local tree farm. We hiked up the hill and wandered through perfectly flawed trees! They were each beautiful in their own way and yet had simple imperfections, a new and welcome theme I have been enjoying.

I looked around at huge trees and tiny ones showcasing the beauty of Idaho.

We finally found the one and Heme was so happy that he was allowed to use the saw to cut down the tree.

Soos helped her brother and then he hauled it down the hill.


I found out they accepted cash only and so we went back to town, dropped Heme off at home and returned for our tree. Soos loaded it up proving her female strength and skills and was quite pleased when she completed this task!

We had looked at pictures the night before trying to see what we liked as far as decorating. The lights were hung, ornaments placed and in the end the kids insisted that I place the star little D had picked out!

Joy is found in the simple and ordinary things that we allow to be remarkable!

Love Lynn



79 thoughts on “Grateful for my Jolly day

  1. As a family it was always special to cut down our own tree we picked out and decorate it later while listening to holiday music, sipping hot chocolate and eating cookies. We even use to make popcorn and string it around the tree 🙂 Beautiful tree and family memories…

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  2. “Joy is found in the simple and ordinary things that we allow to be remarkable!” Perfectly stated, Lynn. Thanks for taking me along on your Christmas Tree Adventure. You found the perfect tree, truly, and it’s beautiful. ❤

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  3. Congratulations with your first real Christmas tree, sister 😀 It is beautiful.

    I don’t know, if you already did this, but I will tell you anyway; It is a good idea to feed the tree with water daily, then you avoid that it loose all the needles, which also gives a mess and make the tree less beautiful.

    Enjoy your new tree ❤

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  4. Flawed tree?? This looks perfect, Lynz – so beautiful and serene. I love how you went and choose your own tree and even sawed it down. It must smell wonderful and what a brilliant time with the family. Thank you for letting us tag along – our Christmas tree shop is this weekend!

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