Happy holidays

Happy holidays to everyone!

I have been away for the past week, taking care of Mude and spending Christmas with my parents!

On Friday we went to Foof’s house where she presented us with gifts and made a great dinner! She and B were excited to host this very nice evening.


Saturday morning Saleeha came over to exchange stockings before she left for Seattle.


We missed Yusuf and Alicia but were very happy that they were able to spend Christmas with Alicia’s family.


On Sunday we headed to my folks to spend the holidays with them. Sunday night we were surprised by cute little faces peering in through the half opened door! Osama, Jacki and the three special babies spent an hour with us. It was so sweet that they popped over!


Christmas morning Osama, Jacki and the kids came over for breakfast at Great grandparents house adding to the joy of this special day!


Today we will work on taking down our decorations and tomorrow we will be taking care of the babies while their regular helper is away. My children and parents spoiled me and this is the first year in a long time that I did not feel upset and unworthy accepting everything!

61 thoughts on “Happy holidays

  1. All my wishes, Lynn🎁💓 You need to learn to accept as well as give, you’ve looked after everyone for so long. It’s obvious the children appreciate it and now they’re grown up, they take pleasure in doing so! Relax and enjoy!

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  2. Oh, Lynn! Those boys in the lazy boy chairs cracked me up!
    I was just on someone else’s blog and said that we need to learn that we deserve gifts, as we tend to be the “givers” but know that we feel better if people accept our gifts. I am slowly learning as my children are grown, I am “allowed” to receive and should be grateful for those who wish to give. . .
    “Lesson over for the day”, hahaha! 😀
    I am grateful for you and listening to your story has helped me to feel stronger. You have led me to be able to overcome minor challenges, while you overcame major ones! Thank you, dear friend! ❤
    Hope you have a blessed New Year filled with good health, happy moments and joyful surprises. 💞
    Peace on Earth, my wish for all! 🕊


    • Dear Robin, that is such a valuable lesson for sure! You are right, others love to feel that joy as well! You are a strong and amazing mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend!! Joy everyday for you dear friend ❤️❤️

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      • Aww, I am tearing up, Lynn. Thank you! I really appreciate this response and so glad we have become close once again. I had extra time off to use up before the new year at work begins. . . I feel like I had some chances to check in and reply back to your replies.
        Hope you have a beautiful, safe and fun new 2018! May our bond last throughout the year! 🎉✨❤❤


  3. Sounds like a busy time you have had. More memories to put in your book to present to your grandchildren later. Just a thought. It is nice that you didn’t feel non deserving accepting gifts and that is a gift to yourself in itself. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  4. So good to see, that you had a nice Christmas, dear sister 😀
    Yes, you deserve also to receive and just think about, if you were giving a gift and the receiver would not accept the gift, how would you react? It is lovely to give, but we do also need to learn to accept gifts with a huge gratitude.


  5. Such gorgeous family shots …. I’m delighted that you have had such a lovely Christmas. The standout for me is that you have been able to accept for the first time that you ARE worthy. That is the greatest gift of all for your family who so long for you to be whole and mended. Well done Lynn … you have come such a long way and you are still heading forwards little by little by little. Xxx


  6. Oh Lynn! How wonderful that all of your children and you are doing so well. They are creating their own lives and doing so well. But the best part of all is reading this: “My children and parents spoiled me and this is the first year in a long time that I did not feel upset and unworthy accepting everything!” HOORAY! You ARE so worthy! You are so deserving! Keep up the great work healing and becoming YOU dear Lynn! Hugs!

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  7. Lynz, yeah to being happy and celebrating who you are and accepting without self-criticism. You have such a wonderful loving family who adore you – rightly so! Absorb all that care and love. Warmest wishes for the New Year to you all. hugs xxxx


  8. I am glad you had a beautiful holiday with your family. Keep enjoying and accepting all their love 💞, it is a gift and blessing. After all you’ve been through, you deserve it. I wish you more joys this new year.


  9. I’m glad you had a great holiday! So happy to hear that you were able to enjoy everything that was given to you. Here’s wishing you that kind of happiness every day. Your grandkids are so big, and still totally adorable! Xoxo

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