A little break

Happy New year! I hope everyone has enjoyed a safe and wonderful holiday full of blessings!

I needed a little break and so I just took one! Things were getting busy and I felt stressed out, anxiety was slowly returning so I focused on what I could do to feel more relaxed!

I am working on a new, simple blog schedule where I post three times a week! The house is still on holiday break or at least for the college students so I am busy getting everything back to routine and look forward to working on finishing my story!

I have missed everyone and the amazing friendships that have brightened my life! Have a great week!

88 thoughts on “A little break

  1. Hi, Lyn, and happy new year! That break idea–that is powerful stuff. We had a very quiet, restful holiday, and I feel really and truly invigorated. (I think I need to figure out how to build some kind of mini-break into each week to maintain that feeling.) I am so glad you took the time you needed, and I am amazed at your posting schedule…I struggle to post once a week (although the discipline of that is really good for me.)

    I hope 2018 is an incredible year for you and for all of your family!

    All the best,


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  2. Was thinking about you! Glad you took a break!! Always listen to yourself when you feel your body and mind saying, ” I need some air! ” πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year!! Look forward to chatting with you more this year!

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  3. Happy New Year Lynn! You were not alone on that break. I too was off line .more than online during the holidays. It was great hanging out with my family as well.

    I hope your. New blogging schedule agrees with you and you’re able to finish your story.

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  4. Lynz, what a beautiful position for that chair…the snow just needs clearing off and then a blissful place to take in that view. It’s been a joy reading your posts and chatting away last year…look forward to connecting even more this year. Wishing you a wonderful year of peace and joy. hugs xxx Enjoy your well-earned break…vital for the body and soul.

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  5. Happy New Year Lynn.
    This blogging thing can take a lot of time and energy. I usually only post three times a week too. By setting those limits, it makes it more manageable.
    Leslie ❀

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  6. Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your break and breaks are necessary once in a while as we should be #1 in our books as if we are not then all else suffers. If three times a week is too much scaled back to 2 or once a weeks. There should be no pressure in posting but at your own leisure. Be well my friend and Happy New Year

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  7. Take your time, go at your own pace and when that pesky anxiety imp lands on your shoulder just break the pattern for a while as you have done until he gets tired and evaporates. Over time he will disappear entirely but this year, this Happy New Year you are going to do things differently and I am sure it will work. I wish you a year of good surprises, some dreams come true and most of all health, happiness, peace, content and LOVE in abundance. Was we say here Meilleurs vΕ“ux et surtout la santΓ© …. best wishes and above all health xxxx

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  8. Happy New Year, Lynn! I took a five month break myself so I know the benefits. Enjoy the time with your children and chill until you feel calm and rested. After the holidays are over and my house is back in order I always feel better.

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  9. I think having the schedule is a great idea – it has been great for me. I also like knowing what goes up on a particular day (like, Tuesdays are for my Dog Walk Challenge posts – then I don’t even have to think about what to post, I just post whatever is on the schedule for that day – and often I schedule them days or weeks in advance).

    I also think you shouldn’t feel bad if there are times when you can’t get three posts up a week. We’ll all be happy just having you here when it works for you!


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