Honor man

Ask not for a moonlit fancy

Do not look among the stars

For super heroes walk among us

Always stalwart never far

No cape of glory trails behind him

His honor spreads throughout the land

A rush of power true and mighty

Holding tightly to her hand

59 thoughts on “Honor man

  1. The guy who tried his best, who puts all his effort into something believing that,this is his chance to prove himself. But ends up losing

    to people who not even gave 50% of their efforts. 

    He was “That Average Guy”  who realized that how much he try it is of no use. 

    He realized that the friends who saw the extraordinary in him, 

    Were the extraordinary themselves and he was the black sheep. 

    But would that be an obstacle for him. 

    He is still an average guy, “That Average Guy” 

    There is a problem with these kind of guys. Which is, 


    After all the bitching behind him. 

    After all the back stabbing, after all of the universe being against him he never looses “Hope”. 

    He still hopes that one day he will prove to every single one

    That he is made for much much more than any of this. 



  2. Lynn, this left such a warm feeling in my heart. Hmmm, I read something about B in your replies to Irene… now you have me really curious, Lynn… are those your hands? You have me excited Today is today and all we have no is a result of all that lies behind us!😊

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