The empty room


Guest room

Monday I scrubbed the house from top to bottom. I washed the sheets and cleaned out the second fridge downstairs. Graduation pictures went back to their place on the table, toys were stored and the house basically looked empty, even lonely! The past few months have been busy and chaotic, just the way I like it. Kids coming to visit, babies leaving fingerprints on the slider and then two special house guests for a month.


Foof gave up her apartment and moved in with us for several weeks because she and B purchased a new home and while she will only be living 20 minutes away it still makes me feel a bit teary!


Friday morning Foof and B moved their stuff from the guest room, it was cleaned and made into a room for Osama, Jacki and the little ones. Of course big brother insisted on coming with his truck that afternoon to haul stuff to the new house.


The next day we brought the rest of their belongings and did our best to help put things away.  The boys were having fun, Foof made a box fort for them, but after a few hours it was nap time.

The kids and I loaded them up and went home for a nap while Osama and Jacki stayed behind.


Drive thru to get a quick bite and Aiden asking for more with his hands!


Heme or “hehe” as he is known to the boys, has become quite the movie star over the past few months. The boys stand at his door calling him, trying to launch themselves over the baby gate, offering their stuffed animals and even snacks just to get him to come and play!

I am happy, sad, overwhelmed but most of all I thank God for bringing us this far and keeping us together! After living with no furniture, electricity and no ability to decorate or show individuality, I am thrilled each time I see one of my kids take charge of their lives and open their hearts!


Little ones

Little birds inside the nest

Newly feathered prudent breast

Don’t clip your wings for you must fly

Unto a distant faithful sky

Mother watches, never far

Hoping you will find your star

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104 thoughts on “The empty room

  1. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment for you and your family members, Lynn! Good for each and every one of you for putting in the time, effort, and passion to change your lives!

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  2. This post speaks straight to my heart …. I brought up my girls to have roots and wings but their flying does leave an aching in the mummy bird’s breast. You have done the most marvelous job of raising your brood and they will never be far from you in spirit – that invisible thread always binding them to you. Xxxx

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  3. How proud and accomplished you must feel for raising such wonderful children! I love the poem it speaks to my heart right now as I am watching one take her first tentative steps forward.

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  4. How do I know that sad feeling when they leave the nest…But the feeling of pride in them starting there journey in life…and to have them live so close….how wonderful….beautiful home too!! you are truly blessed Lynn…..xxxxkat


  5. Lynz. It’s so nice that you can now appreciate these special moments and can do things and decorate the way you want to. Contnue to cherish these moments that others often just take for grsnted. Gary


  6. Oh, my, such mixed feelings. I understand you well, Lynn. I think every mother does! But as you said, it is wonderful how close your family is sticking together. I have barely witnessed a family like yours. I am amazed how close you are to each other… all for one and one for all!!

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  7. You saying that Foof and B will be only 20 minutes away made me think of a woman I met in North Carolina. We were talking about our kids and she suddenly burst in to tears, saying how much she missed her son since he moved away. ‘How far away is he?’ I asked. ‘Three doors up,’ she said.

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  8. It is so good to see your grown children with many options of choice in their lives. Your daughters free to move, work and enjoy a life that would have been unattainable in Saudi. The close family ties and seeing them taking wing and launching out into their independent lives. Congratulations! xoxox

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  9. Such a beautiful post, sister 😀
    It is never easy, when our kids are leaving our home to start their own way of life, but a part of being human.
    You have a close relationship with your kids and they will never be far away. They know, that you will always do your best to support them and the best gift, anyone can wish for, you already gave them, the freedom to choose their own way of life.
    You can be sure, they will take much care and not repeat, what you and life taught them.
    Wish all of you the best, dear friend ❤

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  10. Lovely post. It brought back so many memories and emotions surrounding the various times my children have left home and come back again, often accompanied by a new partner, then spouse and children, in between finding new accommodation etc. On the other hand, after my son and I temporrailyy moved in with my parents for nearly a year and then my youngest brother moved back home having separated from his wife, my dad on retiring early, decided that was it, and they promptly moved to a one bedroom flat with no garden many miles away so none of us could move in again! 😄

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  11. Gives me goosebumps! You can feel the love and the pain at saying goodbye but the last picture says it all! The freedom! You can be so proud of being such a wonderful Mom to your precious kids and preparing them to launch out on their own. Love and hugs!! ❤

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  12. It’s bittersweet isn’t it? Still if we’re going to have babies that won’t stay babies it wonderful to have grow up to be self confident, successful, caring adults that still like to come home.
    You did great raising your children.

    How wonderful to hear that Heme is a huge hit, and probably a doting Uncle. 🙂 That’s the best! The boys are so blessed to have him, and he them.
    Hugs xx 🙂

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  13. This was such a wonderful post filled with wistfulness and poignancy.
    The poem emphasizes the Best part of being a mother and grandmother! I like my peace and quiet!
    It is with this note, I am heading out soon to pick up 3 kids to bring he to a one bedroom apartment!! You are lucky to have rooms!!

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