This morning Heme showed me a picture he took while the boys stood at the gate calling him! I have taken many pictures from the outside as they try to climb up, offer stuffed animals and snacks, but have never taken one from inside the room. Behind them you can see Fattima’s belongings and Aiden tries to wake Hehe up with a granola bar (6 a.m). These precious boys love their aunts and uncles!

53 thoughts on “Hehe

  1. So cute! They look adorable .
    Remember when you said that you would like to get caught up in an exchange of wit with me and Colin sometime. Well it happened again on my post from yesterday. The North Pole Olympics. My husband got involved this time to ,so hey any help you want to give is fine with me!!
    Or if you just want a laugh that is fine too. Just thought I would mention it, it’s all in the comments, due to 2 goofs that I made in the story. Oops!: 😉


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