Spring break


Mom and Dad always took us for vacations on Spring break and also in the summer. Mom would plan out our route on her paper map and talk about each stop, packing a cooler with favorite sandwiches, treats and drinks. Anne and I sat in the back asking when when when would we be there. There were so many special times over the years that they have all melded together into one warm feeling of comfort. This is something that I want my kids to experience and I hope somehow we are creating that now.

This week is Spring break! We left last Friday to see Yusuf and Alicia. We have not seen them since Thanksgiving so it always seems too long over the winter but still I know I am very fortunate to be so close!


Our road trip to Seattle was a beautiful blue sky kind of day making farmland, mountains and fields even more vivid.


We arrived Friday evening to Clementine barking at the window!

Saturday Yusuf and Alicia took us to one of the locked room experiences which was more fun than I had imagined. When we went home he whipped up a crock pot meal of pasta while the kids played games with Alicia and Clementine posed for pictures.

Sunday we stopped at a favorite bakery on our way to Pike Place market where Yusuf treated us to breakfast. Alicia stayed home to garden and get ready for the work week ahead.

We took pictures near the water and then walked around looking at fresh produce, seafood and flowers.

After a few hours it was time to leave downtown Seattle and we made our way home, first stopping to purchase some authentic pita bread that the kids require for morning eggs. We then sat down while we waited for a takeaway order of cheese, zatar and lebani breads.

At home the kids played games with Alicia and Yusuf introduced me to a series he has watched and the night came to a close. You might see a theme here that Alicia and the kids love to play games together, unfortunately we did not get any pictures!

It was a wonderful trip and more gorgeous scenery on the way home!


60 thoughts on “Spring break

  1. Wonderful to carry on traditions which we cherish even when we are adults. I am enjoying my spring break from teaching with my husband. When I was growing up and we owned a business, there wasn’t any time for a spring break but we enjoyed our farm house in the Catskills and shopping…maybe a day trip to Manhattan on the bus! Mike and I enjoyed a lovely lunch at a tea room in the country and just enjoying the time, having time to read and not rush when shopping or to exercise or walk leisurely is lovely. Enjoy, it is almost over!

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  2. This is wonderful to see how happy you are together and how many wonderful memories you are all creating constantly. I think there is barely a bigger joy, happiness, and contentment than creating memories with and for the kids!

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  3. Oh I miss Baladi bread! I have a happy memory of going to the seaside with my Nana and Mum. We always had eggs sandwiches which got crunchy from the sand. LOL! What a beautiful family you have, a perfect mix of east and west.

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