Above the Palouse

Next month it will be 9 years since we made the trip back to my hometown and eventually decided to stay. To be honest, two of my children told me they would not return to Saudi if I chose to, and they knew there was no way I would leave them here alone. Once again they turned out to be my heroes and helped me to be strong.

We were, and still are a unit, a family but also a tightly knit group that formed a bond through fear, isolation and of course love.  My kids never told on one another, everyone knew that could be a scary prospect. They stood up for me and every member of our family. We put whatever limited resources available to us in for the better good of the group. We stood together as one working to make it through each obstacle.

After a few months of being stalked, harassed and threatened, he made a visit to our little town and then returned to Saudi. He announced his marriage to a second wife and soon there would a new baby. During this time I tried to divorce but efforts were futile. He offered to buy a home, the first stable place for my kids in years and so I agreed.


I am grateful for this home but it also comes with a price, being linked to him. The view from my deck is shown in all of the photos above. One day my daughter told me “It is like God put our name on this house and handed it to us”

Thank you for your love and support!


68 thoughts on “Above the Palouse

  1. I love that even through the tremendous hardship you have faced and handled, that you still see and appreciate so many wonderful things around you. I am sure that view from your home is inspiring every day! Thank you for sharing! ❤

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  2. You have the best view from your home. Its beautiful…you and your children have the most sacred bond a mother and children could have. You have all been through so much together and I love that it has made you all stronger than weak. Meeting you and becoming your friend has made me a much better person, so thank you my friend. I love your super heros !! They are getting so big already. You are blessed for sure!! XXXkat

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  3. I know that you are linked to him through this house but there appears to be nothing of him here. Love, strength to overcome, standing together & protecting one another. There is not an ounce of him in your home or in that breathtaking view. Continue to shine my friend.

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  4. Lynn, it is not the challenges that we face but seeing the blessings of living each day that makes a difference. You and your family are loved and learning to enjoy life. No one can take this from you. Hugs and love! Congratulations on 9 years back in the USA.

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  5. Oh Lynn…. I don’t even know what to say…….. I don’t know how you did it……… but you did………. and I’m so proud of you. Keep on keeping on!! ❤


  6. Nine years! Look how far you have all come …. from those shaky scared beginnings, as you tentatively trod into the unknown to this haven that is your home and with each passing day less and less connected to ‘him’. I know he bought it and you must feel from time to time that it gives him a hold but with the strength and love you all have for one another, he stands no chance of coming anywhere near. Team Palouse rocks and you are the team leader, you incredible, strong and brave woman – you deserve all the love and all the praise xxxx


  7. The views are stunning and you have such a strong knit family which is a life saver.
    It’s a pity that you and he are still ‘linked’ but my goodness that man owes you more than just a house. Enjoy it my friend. Soak up your new life. Hugs 🙂 x


  8. It’s been easy to see through reading your posts, Lynn, how much you gave to your children and how much they gave to you. You put the power of love into words beautifully here. And you have created a beautiful home. Should a day come when you need to leave it, you will be fine. “Home” will follow you wherever you go, because home is where you are loved.

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