A modern life

JSFP8356My niece sent me these pictures from a visit to Riyadh. Things have changed in the past 9 years as you would expect. When we first arrived to Saudi in 1993 there were no fancy malls and not much fast food. By the time we left in 2009, upscale malls with ice skating rinks, amusement parks and designer shops had popped up everywhere! Fast food chains were to be found on most streets and many locals seemed to adopt a new lifestyle.



My niece just informed me that today they opened a cinema in Riyadh which seems really unbelievable!

55 thoughts on “A modern life

  1. My plane from Sydney to London refuelled in Dubai in early 1978. We landed in the dark. A modern airport with a massive white airport control tower loomed up out of the desert. There was nothing else around. We had to disembark via steps at the front of the aircraft. Met by some kind of military at the foot (male and female) and escorted into the building where we each got the once-over (gender segregated). The airport was reasonably busy even though it was early hours of the morning. First time I had seen women completely covered. Several other things of interest happened during our two hour layover. I was twenty-two. Left quite an impression. I wouldn’t recognise it today. I guess it’s much the same for Saudi. Even so, the American brands in the photo scenes gave me a surprise!

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  2. Yes Lynn, a lot is changing here from the past couple of years. Things are happening which seemed quite impossible back then.
    Also, women will be allowed to drive from June 2018. There are concerts/musicals on various venues every weekend and so much more entertainment. Women are now allowed inside the football stadium and so many more places!

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