Weekend away

This was the first time we had the kids for the whole weekend without Mom and Dad around! They had a little mini vacation and we were happy to take care of our kids.

IMG_E6891Of course the usual people were on hand to help out!! The kids arrived on Friday morning and I was alone with the little ones for a couple of hours. In the afternoon Mude came home, got Heme and Deeja and then the fun began!

That night Fattima and B came over and took the boys to the neighborhood park. The next morning Foof made pancakes and the boys took little mini walks in front of the house with Aunties and Uncles. In the afternoon we took them to the mall and they had pretzel bites.

Sunday morning the boys woke Uncle Hehe up and ate chips in bed! Later it was time to play super hero and then Mom and Dad came home!

It was a wonderful weekend full of fun times and more memories!


37 thoughts on “Weekend away

  1. Yeah! Wonderful time with your grandchildren … and lots of help! Everyone looks so happy and the boys quite spoilt with time and attention. I hope Mom & Dad had a great vacation -and no doubt talking lots about the children!

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