The modern life

My niece took these photos last summer when she visited Riyadh. Things have changed so much since we arrived there in 1993. Over the 16 years that we lived there it turned into a modern city offering designer shops, cuisine from various European countries and yet women still faced the same dilemmas and obstacles and that remained unchanged. 

46 thoughts on “The modern life

  1. If only the conditions for women could be as beautiful as the buildings. My youngest is friends with a girl from Saudi Arabia and our hearts just ache for her, she wants out of there so badly! She is 18.

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  2. Every time we go back to California, the city seems to be growing without us, there is always 2 or 3 places that have changed or new buildings gone up. And were only gone for 9 months or so at a time. Bob Dylan sung it best, The times they are a Changin’, have a great week

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  3. Hi Lyn, I lived in Jeddah for 12 months in the 80’s. I never travelled to Riyadh though. It was a strange place to be, I remember mostly the noise of the traffic horns and anything goes on the road, until there is a problem, then everyone goes to jail! Carrying identity at all times, and not being able to travel in a vehicle driven by anyone other than my husband. I remember being stopped by a soldier (who looked all of 12 years) whilst leaving a doctors surgery. His rifle aimed squarely at my husband. Not a pleasant experience overall. And I never wanted to go back.

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