My story- liar liar

Al-Khobar 2008

Words that were not allowed in our vocabulary made up a list that changed and shifted and seemed somehow ambiguous. Anything disrespectful or prideful was quickly suppressed and marked as ungodly and even blasphemous.  The usage of “ok” might be seen as objectionable if given in a solemn or what might be construed as flippant manner.  But now these two words rang out in bare rooms and empty walls, signaling hostility and confusion.

He had given me the rewards voucher months before, instructing me to use it on whatever gave me pleasure or was needed. Every so often he would bring the subject into conversation and question me, wondering what had become of the certificate. Each time I would pause and ask him what it was to be used for and he would respond that it was up to me.  It held its position tucked neatly away in the side pocket of a diaper bag until holidays approached and an idea shuffled through my mind.

Gifts had been forbidden in our household until a few years prior when Osama questioned the validity of this unspoken rule and finally convinced him to supply the funds for holiday presents.  It was always a stretch and we knew to pick and choose wisely; practical, inexpensive and exchangeable. A modest sum of money was secured and then doled out to each member of the household. But recently everything had changed and with the older boys away at University things had returned to a veto on the exchange of gifts.

A chuckle came from his mouth but was indistinguishable as levity, anger or mere frustration. Our vehicle swerved between cars recklessly and gained speed only to come to a quick and abrupt pause when necessary. The box in question sat precariously on a lap in the front seat, shuffling from side to side. The mall entrance could be seen in the back window and now a day of shopping, food and frivolity seemed reckless and arrogant. A foolish view of reality and a blip into the real world had marred my judgement and remnants of lunch were taken home instead of dumped prior to exiting the boundaries between home and mall.

In an attempt to pacify his anger I explained that I had used my money from tutoring for a day of holiday gift shopping and purchased pizza with the voucher.  I looked at the box that sat on the kitchen counter and with it came the realization that once again I had failed to understand him. He insisted on seeing the voucher although he knew it had already been used. The usual rules would have been followed and no words of our trip to the mall, food or fun would have been mentioned.  But this time somehow I clicked back into the real world and having been pushed to have fun, I did so.

A firm stance was not a sign of defiance on my part but imperative to keep legs from giving way. He held the drill in one hand securing nails for curtain fasteners, waving it intermittently to emphasize each syllable. YOU ARE A LIAR A THIEF A calm demeanor overtook him when grabbing hooks and drill bits from the children’s hands. When fury timed out he spoke of taking them to dinner, offering numerous choices including favorite American restaurants that were most often seen as unfavorable. He gently pinched cheeks, smiled and inquired as to their choice of eateries. The creaky borrowed ladder shook and waved upon a return to the diatribe that started upon entrance to the villa. His tirade peaked and waned, eventually subsiding after piles of endless fury had been depleted.  Each child looked wary of his words but also knew their role in this ongoing escalation. The project was complete and he insisted on taking at least two children out for dinner.


81 thoughts on “My story- liar liar

  1. It almost made me dizzy to read this, Lynn. I was impossible to follow his arbitrary rules and expectations that spun like a whirlwind. You failed to understand him because he made no sense! Ack! My heart goes out to you that you had to endure this. It’s a pleasure to look at the smiling faces in the sidebar of your blog and know that this is your life now. ❤

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  2. He really is from another planet isn’t he!! What an asshat! I hope that someday, someone, somewhere treats him with all he has treated you with. He deserves it ten-fold! Love you sister, head held high, you are a free woman, and you are home!! XXkat

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  3. Monster! Monster! Monster! He is the thief! He stole so much from you and his children!
    Thank God you were there for your children and saved them from him! How can a man treat a woman and his children, that he is supposed to love , like he treated you and the kids!!! And there is no remorse!!!

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  4. This all is so wild and unpredictable! I usually could read the temperature of one of my exes who was quite angry, turning “on a dime.” I wasn’t allowed maternity hosiery, so many varicose veins. I shouldn’t indulge children with Dairy Queen, purchase ice cream at grocery store and then scoop out for the children. Etc, etcetera! I was able to walk a fine thread of a line, a tightrope. Only twice has this kind of hurricane storm. This got us into counseling,one whole year of his trying to charm our female family counselor. She could not have been more on my side if I had paid her! The counseling was to be able to say to his family, “I tried.” Ha!

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  5. You have survived some of the worst kind of abuse Lyn. Hats off to you . Such frightening experiences, never knowing which way things are going to go, but fearing the worst all the time. Awful, just awful. X

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  6. Hey Lynn, I’m hoping your writing about this insanity is helping to purge the energy and power they once held for you. Sometimes it is helpful to vomit physically, verbally, and any other way to clear your soul. Great post.

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  7. Nothing could ever be the right answer…he is clearly mentally ill. That you and your children have not only survived but thrived is a testament to the strength of your spirit. You hid it, but you did not let it go. (K)

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  8. Lynz, every time I read a post my ♥ bleed and brake once again! I am unable to comprehend and just wish you and your children and grandkids the very very best! You are the most incredible women I have come across!! God Bless you and your family.

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