A dress for Foof

This weekend was spent doing several things including the usual Sunday cooking, purchasing groceries and daily walks. The most important event involved traveling to my hometown for shopping early Saturday morning.  It was a blessed day and one that I had never envisioned would come to pass. It was one of those times where you stop and take account of everything that has transpired and wonder how you ended up where you are!

The 90 minute drive was one of blue skies and billowing clouds, green pastures and land dotted with barns and the occasional farmhouse. The focus was on joy, support and happiness! We met Fattima just before the shops opened and started our day!

We watched and commented, made our views known as requested and finally ended the day feeling even more confused!! We decided it was time for a break and of course lunch,  but the topic of conversation still centered around dresses, veils and shoes.

As with most events that we experience in our family, we try to keep the focus on happiness, fun and support. If this is somehow mixed up within the chaos, we refocus and regroup. I am grateful that we are able to be together and it shows how far we have come. It was nine years ago this month that we attended my son’s University graduation and then decided to stay. Thank you for joining us on this journey!




69 thoughts on “A dress for Foof

  1. Oh Lynn what wonderful news to greet me as I emerge on US shores once more! I am so so happy for you and for Foof …. enjoy every moment of the planning and being The Bride’s Mother (did you know that no-one is allowed to wear a bigger hat than the Bride’s mother according to English Etiquette) 😉 xxx

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  2. Congratulations this is just wonderful what a happy time for all and the shopping Trip sounds like so much fun and I love how your family is so closely involved in the decisions. You are so lucky to have such a loving family!! Foof will be such a beautiful bride❤️❤️

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  3. Her ring is gorgeous, and I am sure she’s going to be a beautiful bride.

    It is a n exciting and happy time for Foof, and the families.
    I have an idea of what your feeling and sure I will experience that chaos you’re experiencing because my Baby Girl recently got engaged and we’ve been looking at venues, dresses, and talking non stop wedding stuff.☺

    Congratulations to Foof and her Fiance!!

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  4. Phew…so many beautiful dresses and she looks stunning in them all! I can’t wait to see the final choice – understandably we’ll have to wait! 😀Happiness and sharing is good for the soul, one still adjusting to freedom of feeling. hugs xxx❤️

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  5. Another wedding to help plan and be a part of, she is going to be a beautiful bride. Nine years, already, I bet sometimes it feels like yesterday you made this huge decision to stay. I am so happy you took that leap of faith to stay here with your family. When is the blessed event? XXkat

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