The birthday party


As many of you know this weekend our boys turned two! Of course time does fly but this was especially fast. To be honest I never imagined I would be feeling this overwhelming love again and it took me by surprise.

Friday after school we hopped in the car, picked Heme up from practice and left for Spokane. Osama made bbq chicken for dinner and Jacki started working on decorations after the boys went to bed.Β  The theme was luau/Moana and it was all done to perfection! The kids helped and an assembly line of sorts was made that evening in order to get the balloons ready and keep them from flying away!

The next morning Heme and I woke up early and took care of Aiden. He was surprised at the decorating his mom had done while he was sleeping! Bennett woke up later and poor little guy was feeling a bit under the weather!

We tried our best to help out and do what we could. Allot of fun times were spent with Aiden, Bennett and Alayna! Fun and precious moments were too many to count.

Guests started to arrive around noon and everything looked very festive!

Jacki’s dad has a large, close knit family like ours and so everyone felt at home! Osama made stacks of burgers that were amazing and Jacki made popcorn balls and delicious chicken sandwiches! A lovely array of fresh fruit and cookies were also on hand.

Gramas and Grampas, Great Gramas and Grampas, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and friends all made their way inside, outside and wherever they felt comfortable.

The cake was served and our little ones were not sure what was going on as cameras snapped pictures and candles were lit.

A friend and cousin were also invited to celebrate their birthdays with our boys and so it added to the fun and chaos!


We watched the boys open gifts and then made our way back to our little town!

I cannot let an event like this go past and post these blessings without reminding anyone who is in a bad situation that things can get better. I never imagined this joy was possible and I am very proud of all of my children for making the most of their freedom. With every crib that has been assembled, each finishing touch on a child’s bedroom and care that is given for my sweet babies, I celebrate changes and freedom!


67 thoughts on “The birthday party

  1. From baby bundles to boisterous boys one thing will never change in these handsome fellows lives …. they will always be surrounded by love in ooodles. And I send you just that at this special time for your family xxx

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  2. It is nice to see how well-adjusted your children are. It seems like they are healthy, working members, and having children…all adjusting to the U.S. That must have been challenging bu then again, since they appear to be in their 20’s probably more so for you. Kudos.

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  3. Lynn, thank you for sharing the boys’ birthday celebration. It is so wonderful to celebrate and have festivities together with extended family. Celebrating life together and enjoying it. What fun! xoxo

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  4. Two already!! No! Say it ain’t so!! Time flies so fast! They’re so handsome!
    I’m so happy they were able to have such a wonderful party with family, and friends, and keep the gifts!
    Freedom is a precious blessing. I hope they and we never lose it! Ever vigilant we must be!
    Evil is cunning, and subtle, Evil doesn’t look like Evil. We must know how it acts, and behaves and teach this to our children and loved ones. Or else we lose all freedom!
    Your story helps us see this! Keep writing and telling your story!! xx


  5. Lynz, having been a follower of your website for several years now, enjoying so many of your recipes and stories, I must say that this post is simply so filled with joy and love that it may well be my favorite of everything you have shared. The photo taken on the stairs, looking down on the party kind of says it all. Thank you.

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  6. It looks like a fantastic time!

    Your last paragraph makes me so happy – not just for you and your family, but that you’re in a place where you can reach out to others and let them know there is a light, no matter how dark things may seem. You are a true testament to that fact.


  7. Wow, what a party this must have been. I can understand and imagine your happiness and pride about your children so much. What a family. You guys are blessed with the greatest gift of love connecting and surrounding you all. Such a strong bond!

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