Everyone in the family knows I love a good cup of coffee. Even though our town is small there is definitely no shortage of both local and well established cafes that offer unusual as well as standard choices.


Last Friday I walked with Soos to a quaint little cafe that offers an eclectic atmosphere, common in our University town.

We ordered something that I had never tried before and it turned out to be dreamy! I cannot come up with a better word to describe the spices and rich flavor of this Mocha Mexicana.

Soos reminded me as she frequently does that I need to get out of the house and do things other than housework and cooking! She is a gem.

IMG_20180511_101114 (2)

My hair has gotten longer and so it was time for a cut at my favorite stylist. Soos and I parted ways and I walked a few minutes to the salon then back home where we prepared to leave for the birthday party.

As my children have made their way from infancy to adulthood they have taught me so many lessons! I am constantly amazed at how much I learn from them!

60 thoughts on “Mocha

  1. Bravo Soos – you know your mamma well and you have her interests nestled deep in your heart and that is the greatest gifts a mummy can hope for. I had my youngest daughter staying with me recently and we took coffee out every day (she told me to keep up the habit when she is gone – made me promise not to become too reclusive as I have a tendency to). Her absolute favourite coffee of the trip was a white chocolate and raspberry mocha latte – I have a feeling your mocha mexicana would have been a contender for the crown! xoxo

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  2. I agree… my adult children are always teaching me new things and they motivate me to enjoy life even more. That coffee looks delicious! And the coffee shop looks charming. So nice to get out for a break! xx

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  3. Children are wonderful like that – always teaching us something new! Great photo montage of the cuppas mochas – they look so pretty and even though I don’t drink coffee I’m seriously tempted. Enjoy those mochas, my friend! xx

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  5. I have always claimed my daughter raised me LOL I love that they take such good care of us. Nothing like a good up of Mexican Hot Chocolate. I love it. I will try Mexican mocha. I agree, get out more mom!!! XXXkat

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