My life story–Anything


Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia 1995

Her pleasant yet unreserved demeanor abruptly took on a sharp and commanding tone. Hand gestures that included a wagging finger and pursed lips were now accompanied by a raise in volume. She gave one last sharp look his way as his leg and foot made a loud thud on the kitchen floor. Her once welcoming face now stood clouded in confusion and anger. Guilt and shame stacked neatly piece by piece and a feeling of embarrassment quickly replaced self respect as I backed up. I stared blankly into her eyes as she paced and raised her voice one last time. A mismatched array of  English forced its way out of tightened lips, “no no Um Osama, no”!

The customary kiss kiss was given first on the right cheek and then the left. Two female cousins greeted me and hugged little ones that trailed behind. A trip from Riyadh to Al-Khobar had lasted 4 hours and with it a scenic view of red and brown desert that slowly transitioned into sand dotted with shrubs and tents. I was ushered into the sitting room and motioned to sit on the customary pad arrangement.

I took my place and folded legs close to my buttocks, knowing that it was deemed disrespectful to place a foot pointing at others on purpose. Tea, coffee, fruit and sweets were all brought in rounds one after the other. Chatter and talk of school, family and memories of time spent in Damascus kept us communicating while the men attended prayer. My language skills were not perfect but I had put together a list of phrases and understood very basic Arabic that helped but also brought confusion when trying to keep up a conversation. The ladies were limited in their English and so hand gestures and assistance from the boys who had now attended almost two years of schooling made the visit easier this time around.

A family environment that paired duty and service with vigorous expectations and standards was obviously in place. Children were to be respectful to adults, women served men and they in turn worked hard to provide. Wives raised voices and insisted on men returning to the store for items missed, discussions regarding child care were numerous until little ones were eventually handed off to fathers and taken outside for walks to the park. Women requested accessories that were well beyond the meager family budget and husbands were required to comply. A happy mix of loud voices, arguments that ended in laughter, endless amounts of food and finally the last cup of tea, all offered a warm and unusual atmosphere.

I felt at home within these walls and was treated as a guest as well as an immediate part of the family. The female cousins insisted I eat more, drink tea and even urged me to nap wherever I felt comfortable. The message was clear, I was being asked to join this tight knit part of his extended family and no language or cultural barrier would stand between us.

The visit came to a close and we stood talking in the kitchen where the oldest of the two females relished the last bits of a chocolate cake we had thrown together. She joked and laughed with him inquiring about our lifestyle and how he was able to keep up with my American standards. A smug grin crossed his lips as he spoke words that fueled a raging fury and caused his cousin to raise her hands in anger, and with that his foot was placed inches from my mouth “Watch she will do anything I say even kiss my foot

73 thoughts on “My life story–Anything

  1. Oh my! This is so painful to read, only you’d know how it must’ve felt. I’m so glad you’re out of that hell, Lynn.
    Now I understand the truest form of what you mean by “freedom” you often write in your deep poems and other posts; I felt the real emotion of it with that ending line.
    God bless you and if your eyes ever fill with tears, may it be only because of joy, always.


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  2. Thankfully, this demeaning treatment is in the past. What kind of torture that was! Involving his extended family with his demeaning behavior towards you. What he did not realize was that it indicted him not you! You were and still are a beautiful person, Lynn.

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  3. He just couldn’t ever resist, could he? What a vile creature. Your words pique the truth that it is so often the demeaning of another human that is the greatest cruelty. wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel back in time to that moment and then kick him hard in the teeth! Xoxo

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  4. Lynn, a brilliantly written scene that takes from high of joyful sharing with the women to the manic end of his utterances and insistance. A rollercoaster of emotional turmoil … you bring us full circle from the cousins reaction, to the previous events and ending up with his demand. You must feel blessed every morning on waking every morning. Take care. Xx

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