This weekend was quiet and a nice lull in the schedule! I managed to get back out to the garden and did some jobs that were overdue. Blue skies prevailed along with warm temperatures!

We received the invitations that were designed for Fattima’s bridal shower and in general just had a nice relaxing two days.

The older kids are still fighting a virus but Heme seems better each day. An old board game was rediscovered by the younger generation kids and hours of laughter, arguing and bragging commenced!  Sumaya got out her special weed wacker from Grampa and did some work, roses were pruned and general upkeep was completed.

A Teriyaki bowl was the scheduled dinner. I marinated chicken, stir fried some veggies until crisp tender and in the end we all had a good meal!


Towards evening a storm whipped up complete with lightning, high winds and rain. The sky eventually turned an ominous black and the patio cover Osama set up threatened to come loose, but in the end it stayed put.

This summer will be full of gardening, babysitting our little ones and planning a bridal shower and wedding!


These blessings are especially sweet and remind me of how far we have come. It’s been nine years since our relocation from Saudi to Idaho! Thank you for being part of our journey!

38 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. 9 is one of my lucky numbers …. you have 9 beautiful children who love you and it has been 9 years since you came back from Saudi – I have a hunch this year is going to be a huge turning point for you. One where all the hard work on mending yourself pays dividends and when you truly find your peace, the peace that you deserve – that which is found inside and which no-one can disturb xxx

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  2. So good you could enjoy some downtime in the middle of all the busyness. It struck me that it has been nine years since you moved to Idaho. Nine months of gestation for pregnancy. You will be birthing some wonderful things! Enjoy!

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