Babysitting is hard work and you have to catch some shut eye whenever and wherever you can!

We had a busy week watching the kids! When we got home I had a pounding headache and the next day sick all over and a sore throat! I went to quick care where they did a swab and it was positive for strep. As a child I had strep often but have not had it for maybe 40 years. Wow that makes me sound ancient!

I am slowly getting around to visiting blogs but excuse me if I am not around much for the next few days!

Here are highlights from our week and happy Sunday!


47 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. What fun! I’m so sorry you have gone down with Strep. Take good care of you and don’t worry about reading blogs. I know I speak for all your readers when I say that it is you we care about and you being well and happy and fettle and fine is really all that counts!! Xoxo

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  2. I hope by the time you read this your feeling better. I have been absent myself and miss everyone…the babies are getting so big. And yes they do wear you out, great pictures. love the one of you and your granddaughter…its so wonderful to see your daughter and her finance,, the love just emanates from them…the wedding is going to be beautiful. hugs sister hugs…xxx

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