Countdown to love



IMG_8498As the days tick away the little workshop gets more and more crowded. The girls ask me if I am o.k. with “stuff” being everywhere as they know I am prone to picking up and discarding or storing little bits and pieces of things left lying around.

I reassure them that anything goes in the untidy department as they work daily on numerous bridal shower projects.

Their creativity amazes me as they carry on the family tradition of “making do”, bonding over projects and ultimately stepping up to help their sister while sharing in her joy!

Games are stacked near the work area and breaks are taken to challenge their brothers to tournaments and matches! Movies and shows play in the background and there is no shortage of laughter as the carefree days of summer pass by.

I am a planner so I check things off of my master list, add and take away until I feel everything is just so. Testing bridal shower food and planning activities is ongoing and much of the day is spent consumed with new ideas and more creativity.

Bridal shower games, food, tables and decorations are the topic of discussion for the next few weeks and bring joy and excitement.

The family unit is once again solid and any positive aspects of our past life and traditions are now evident in the younger kids as well. Working hard to help each other, respecting differing opinions and making sure everyone has a voice, these are all integral parts of our family structure. There is always hope and for us there are pieces of love, joy and undeniable happiness that we shared even in the darkest of times. IMG_E8491


72 thoughts on “Countdown to love

  1. Such a joyous and uplifting post. I love your families ‘make do and mend’ attitude and their creativity is shining bright. Those paper flowers are fabulous and I-spy a rather delectable looking little cake too! Enjoy these happy days, all of you – together and making a wonderful shower for the bride-to-be all iced with love 💕 xx

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  2. A great post, Lynn. With an old time charm to it. It is not the money spent on things – it is the camaraderie and family time and the effort put in that makes the event more special to the person whose bridal shower it is. I hope all your children are blessed in the companions that enter their lives and they live long and fruitful lives.

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  3. In the junior year, each student at the high school that Benny and his siblings attended experienced a spiritual retreat themed “The Best Is Yet To Come.”
    The acronym “TBIYTC” has become a reassuring, heartfelt expression for us in times of transition in our lives.
    Surely, this is one of those times for Benny and Foof, and for all of us who love them. They, and each of us, let go of life as they knew it and look forward with excitement to the coming tomorrows.
    Mother-in-law to mother-in-law, TBIYTC, Lynn.

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  4. Oh my, you leave my heart full of joy and how wonderful to let us enjoy your blessings with you. Your children, what else would you expect from them, you raised them with love and all the support you could give in such dire circumstance. They became stronger for it and resilient, and turned to each other and you to become a tighter family unit. It shows!! To enjoy the nest of a family coming together to share in a sisters journey of love…oh my I am overwhelmed with love. Thank you Lynn for always including us. We all love and support you and your family. xxxxxxxxxxx


  5. Fabulous post as always Lyn. Such happy family times. Crafting mess is never untidy, it leads to more creativity. x


  6. Are they making the paper flowers? They are gorgeous.This sounds like so much fun. You did such a good job of raising those kids in very difficult circumstances. We all love your happy endings!!!xox


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