Happy Saturday!

Summers in Saudi were pretty boring, most expats made their way home or to various tourist locations in Europe. Meanwhile we stayed put and learned to make do with projects, art, crafts, games, parties and even had a makeshift summer camp comprised of my nine kids! We all look back fondly at these times and it is apparent that each one has their own version of make do and have fun!


The photo wall was put up downstairs and tested while little brother was pulled in for a picture to see how it looked!

Happy Saturday!

32 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!

  1. Great work and end result is beautiful. These days children play too many computer games and are glued to gadets. Nothing like using hands to do a craft eg paper marche or what you did. Old fashioned fun will become extinct soon and I am glad you teach your children and children’s children so that such traditions are not lost!😀


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