We had a fairly quiet weekend with the exception of a visit from my middle child!  He arrived while we were out running errands and typical of this particular member of our unit, he found the photo wall and our props and sent us a picture of his version of the girls’ pose and also let us know he was home!

Of course the usual noise from games, cards and movies could be heard from downstairs. We also spent time testing more of the bridal shower recipes. A solid timeline has taken shape as well as the final menu! Jobs were assigned to each member of our team and arrangement of tables, photo wall and various other decorated locations were discussed.


The shower will take place at Fattima and Ben’s home and so a mock up of these plans has been made. Soos and Deeja were surprised to see the old Lynn, arranging, planning and making sure every detail was perfect! Below are just a few of the things we have tried and the second time around we have new plans and ideas for perfecting everything.

The kids had fun making Chinese cotton candy which didn’t quite turn out but was still a fun project.

I am on my second course of antibiotics to get rid of strep throat but am finally feeling better. Today will be spent looking over the first chapters my daughter has edited for my book!IMG_8539

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  1. My, I hope that you get rid of strep throat and the antibiotics soon! But still, you are always on the go and in the middle of all happenings! I like that you check out some recipes. Does it mean you are cooking/baking for the wedding yourself?

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  2. I’m glad the Anti-B’s are doing their thing but it seems to me that the thing that is ‘just what the Doctor ordered’ for you is this wedding planning and the all the delight of organising the Bridal Shower …. step aside because here is Mummy of the Bride in full planning and executing mode, strutting her stuff, juggling menus and orders and just brimming with the brilliance that shines strong within you! This post makes me so happy (and your middle son made me explode with laughter at his exploits) xoxo

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  3. Whenever I read your wedding preparation posts you can just feel the joy in them. Love how the whole family is involved . The poses of your son and girls are fun and that shoe creation is too pretty to eat! 🙂


  4. Oh my the beautiful crafted flowers and goodies that are being tested, what fun!! All in the name of love, you must be so happy…I love that you share your kids with all of us, they are quite a bunch, and it shows just how full of love for each other and there mum they have. Really enjoying the book. This little story about the car and him arriving, I can only imagine how excited you must of been back then, a handsome man from another land, doting on you…no red flags, he was smooth and very good at getting what he wanted, hook line and sinker as the ole saying goes. I only read happiness in this passage, almost gave me hope you your knight in shining armor would love and care for you like a queen!! However the truth is out and now all I see is a weasel….
    Bummer you had to do a second round of ABX, strep really hangs on. remember to rest in-between all the fun happening at you place..I bet your daughter is on count down!! xxxxkat


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