Countdown to love

We spent a good part of yesterday at Fattima and Ben’s house. We put up some of the decorations including the beautiful flower wall that the girls made. A bride’s area for opening gifts was created and the sign in table where the fan arrangement was placed.

48 thoughts on “Countdown to love

  1. So beautiful and welcoming, Lynn! The colours of the wall display are lovely and work to create a stunning effect! This will be magical for her. I am taken with the idea of the bride opening the presents in front of the guest – I really like this! In the UK this is always later, just the couple alone. I missed not sharing it moment with everyone and the givers of the presents! I bet the excitement level is now at feverish pitch in your family. hugs xx

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  2. The bridal shower will be so special. The love put into all the decorations and the decor is not only felt but causes it to be so beautiful. I know the event will be wonderful due to the all the contributions made by your family. Celebration is so much fun when it is done with love! xoxo

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