Countdown to love

This past weekend we went for the final dress fitting

I wont show much of the dress quite yet because both bride and groom want it to be a surprise! Ben has seen these pictures but other than that has no idea what is to come!

We are only weeks away from the big day and most everything is now ready! A special candy shoppe for kids

Table number holders

Centerpieces Fattima has put everything together, from activity packets for kids, to special favors that highlight the uniqueness of who they are as a couple.

With the big day just weeks away all attention is directed towards thoughts of the happy couple. It’s hard to believe that a gift card and a well meaning co-worker (he knew they were both interested and pushed for a first date) were the starting point that would lead to a lifetime of happiness!

47 thoughts on “Countdown to love

  1. I am sure Fattima and Ben are getting excited as the day of the wedding approaches. What great attention to detail with even a candy shoppe for the kids! The dress teaser keeps the interest but the bride will be beautiful in all her splendor. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Such attention to detail, Lynn and I am sure it will be a fabulous day sending best wishes to the happy couple and may they be blessed with a lifetime of love and happiness xxx


  3. Love is in the air and the excitement it brings is infectious! This is going to be such a beautiful wedding from Fattima’s entrance in what I am certain is a fairy tale of a dress to the joy of the children enjoying the candy bar and their activities all planned by this wonderful young bride! Happy. Just be SO happy, all of you xx

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