One step forward

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity

From bridal shower

To vacation and babysitting!

But this weekend was mundane and time was spent organizing and getting back to routine. College kids have trickled into town and classes at our University start today.img_20180426_174511

My oldest daughter started a better job and moved to Seattle. She was kind enough to leave behind some of her furniture which was added to our guest room as well as the living room. Old, worn items were replaced with new and fresh and a cute chair, dresser and a queen bed were added to our guest room.

She also purchased a new vehicle and gave us her cute little black car. The next day it was totaled. My children are alive and healing both physically and mentally and everything else is just a speck on the screen.

2017- my three precious babies who were in the car when the accident occurred. IMG_2613

Life moves forward with lessons, heartaches and so many blessings. Children graduate, start new jobs, get married and move away. Each step I push, encourage and let them know it is ok and even mandatory that they move on with their lives. They worry, feel stressed and it is not easy for them to leave us behind. We were formed into a unit, a well oiled machine of protection, preservation and cooperation making sure each member of our team was taken care of.

We laugh, argue and support each one who moves forward with love, encouragement and the occasional toaster! They come back to spread joy and inspiration to the rest of us and of course board games, cards and cooking commence bringing back old times, memories and even some of the good times in Saudi. Pans bubble with sauce and new dishes are introduced to what has possibly become a boring routine. Laughter, hugs and new additions are all welcome under my roof.  It is sad, heartbreaking and joyful but it is my job and my mission to watch them grow and thrive no matter how it makes me feel. How does it make me feel?

            Proud and blessed in every way!IMG_7768

64 thoughts on “One step forward

  1. I’m sure you must have some pictures with scowls or sad faces on them Lynn but for the most part all of the photos you post are full of a happy, smiling, laughing, and supportive family. You are very lucky, and should all be congratulated! I’m so glad that no-one was seriously hurt in the accident, and hope that all aches and pains pass quickly.

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  2. Oh my lord, Lynn – I am just so grateful that your children are relatively unscathed. You have come so far and step further forward every day. You have so much to be proud of. I am proud to be your friend xx

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  3. Wow! So very glad that all of you were OKAY in the wreck! So scary I am sure! Giant (((HUGS)))) and so proud of you and your family and the bond you all have and how you guys have come out so strong through all you went through in Saudi!

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  4. Wow! Car accidents can be so scary. So so so glad everyone is ok. Accidents happen. You keep on keepin on!! You have so much to feel good about. Such a beautiful family despite… hugs 😘

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  5. Wow Lynn, been a busy time for you. That vehicle damage photo looks horrible! So glad to hear that all of your children are okay and didn’t suffer any injuries from that accident. Someone from high above was certainly watching over you and your children’s safety. Thank God.

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  6. God is definitely watching over you and your family. So thankful to hear that your kids made it out of the accident without serious injury. Your family is definitely growing up and spreading their wings. The wedding is coming soon. xoxo

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  7. Car accidents can be traumatic. Thank goodness everyone is fine. So true about the inevitable sadness of seeing the babies grow up and move on. You want that because it means they’re doing well, while at the same time there’s that feeling of wistfulness, of how it used to be … You being able to see them before you … Yes, I am experiencing that myself! My son vacationed a few weeks in Natal, Brazil and he said the culture there is different from the U.S. in that the children don’t leave. Family is the number one priority. (vs job or anything else), so there are extended families living together or nearby. He thought the adult children are coddled by their elderly parents. It was interesting . . .

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  8. For me the hardest thing about having babies is to let them leave the nest!! I too, am so proud of my kids, they have both found wonderful partners and have made a life for themselves, I couldn’t be more happier for them, but when I sit here alone at night I miss them with all that I am. Always happy to get a phone call or a skype visit when they have the time. I often thank the fact my son has to drive to and from the different jobs he does so we can talk on the phone. LOL I hate to think if he had a desk job, I would probably never hear from him. LOL Lynn you have a beautiful family, the support and love can be felt through the pictures and your post. I can only imagine how hard it is on them to move forward and create a new life without you buy there side. You all were there many years to help protect each other from his wrath. I for one think you are all doing wonderful, even though I am on the outside looking in, your life is full, very full of love, happiness and family…you are blessed in so many ways, and you bless my life for letting me be your sister blogger from a distance, I will get my hug one day, I promise you that!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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