The power of two

People talk about twins and most of us have probably heard about the unique bond that they share. I never really knew much about this until I became the mommom to twin Grandbabies.  They are like all children in that they are adorable, innocent and leave you awestruck! But there is of course something different and inexplicable. IMG_9214

The way they play and communicate through a simple gesture or one word is so much fun to watch and to decipher.  At this point they refer to each other as brother in nickname form. They fight like all siblings do and then all is forgotten within a short time.

The main thing that shouldn’t surprise me but always does is their personalities. They are total opposites and it is easy to tell them apart by their smile and facial expressions. Recently one of the boys smiled and looked just like his brother and I remarked “Wow you look so much like your brother” and I was shocked with the realization that they do indeed look just alike. To us they are so different in every way.IMG_9221

Becoming a parent was life changing for me and now being a Grama is double the fun!





36 thoughts on “The power of two

  1. We swore that our twins were communicating with each other even as infants. It was just cooing and babbling to us, but they seemed to know what each was saying long before intelligible speech was present. Ours have different personalities too, even though they’re identical. Funny to watch. 😃

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    • It is so cool! One tells the other ba ba, up? I think its about the tv volume and then they go back and forth yes no etc. it is amazing! Is it easy for you to tell your boys apart? One of the boys is two pounds lighter and they seem to look so different! Here and there a rare glance confuses me!!

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      • Yep, that’s the same with us. There was a size difference at birth so it used to be pretty easy to tell them apart. Now that they’re 13, and puberty has hit, their size has evened out and it’s progressively harder to tell them apart. Like you, we often see one of them by themselves and think it’s the other one. Kinda funny. 😃


  2. So sweet, Lynn! How wonderful to have twin grand babies! They are really growing up and are so precious! I hope you have been doing well! I have been away a lot this summer, and have missed staying in touch!


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