Mother of the bride

Yesterday Foof and I took a small road trip to my hometown. We started off at one of two large malls and then met Mom and Dad for lunch. We spent the day looking for a suitable dress and trust me it was grueling! I do not like shopping for clothing and am not an easy shopper. Foof brought numerous choices into the dressing room and each one was barely placed over my head until I told her no way. I have spent my whole life so far, not being pleased with how I look. Always trying to cover up and each time feeling that my efforts to look nice are both embarrassing and futile. My children are my biggest cheerleaders and push me forward encouraging me to be kind and treat myself as I treat others!! I will try the dress on later and take a photo to share.


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        • I feel bad that you are having a hard time dear Joseph. I have been on and off blogging just feeling anxious and was then informed that he reads my blog! that has put a huge damper on things for me so I understand that lack of motivation to get on and blog. I love my friends here and that is why I keep coming back. I hope you can heal and feel rejuvenated! I am always here for you xx

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          • Thank you Lynz. I am just tired. With the lost of my partner 11 friends passed away it was like a merry go round with not rest. I just have no words left. I write some poetry but I don’t lkie it. It is like they evaprated somewhere and they are not coming back. I will give it a while. The good thing is today I finished writing my book about my partner. It has to do with mediumship and daily dialogue. Hope you are well and thank you for your encouraging words ❀

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          • I am going through a spiritual birthing. I felt restless followed by epiphanies and then utter peace and clarity. Then the cycle would begin again. The epiphanies are wonderful and others looking into the hearts of hearts. All and all I am going through a spiritual roller coaster. Hope you are well and sending you encouragement to finish your book


  1. Gorgeous!
    I understand, Lynn. I’m horrible about my own reflection. I don’t remember where I picked up the idea (TV, magazine) but I found a trick. I can have a more objective opinion about my reflection if I tape a piece of paper on the mirror where my face is.
    It doesn’t improve my body, or change whatever inside my head should be changed… but it helps me shut out that self-doubting inner voice and choose a dress…

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      • Thank you, Lynn! Big hugs sent to you and yours! πŸ’•πŸ’•
        I wrote a short added section on a re-blogged post about my feeling happy to be part of Felicia’s real estate business and leaving the warehouse.
        Then, talking about feeling I had written as much original thought as I could over almost seven years. . .
        Meanwhile, my grandson Landen was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, which has malignant cells gone rampant. He has it leaning in a mass on his spine, behind his ear and a few smaller masses found in PET and CT scans. . . The bone marrow test found this particular cancer. Please include him and the family in your prayers.
        Being in the hospital really helps to feel like he will be okay someday. I pray, as others will send positive thoughts into the hope for a full recovery.

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  2. Lynn, I’m glad Foof helped you find the dress. It is elegant, as you are. Too often we let others wound us by their hate and venom directed at us. Don’t allow him and his trying to degrade the beauty that you are steal your joy for your daughter, Fattima’s big day. His insecurity wanted to rob you of seeing your unique beauty and grace. Hugs and love!

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  3. I love your choice and I’m sure it will look lovely on you. Are you even a little excited about wearing the dress? That is a good sign I think. I love clothes, but hate shopping. I do a lot online these days.

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    • Yes my girls shop mostly online. I am excited for the wedding but don’t want to be in the spotlight feeling self conscious. But I want to walk my Foof down the aisle and that is her request of me so it does make me happy! Thanks Barbara! xxx


  4. Isn’t it wonderful to have children who are encouraging! When my daughter (now married and with an 8-year-old son) was still living at home I called her my “fashion coordinator.” She always pushed me to try clothing styles that I never would have worn before. She helped me choose a dress to wear to my mother’s funeral, and we ended up buying 3 dresses that I never would have tried on had she not been with me.

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  5. Your going to be beautiful, Head held high, your the mother of the bride!! Repeat after me, Thank you for the compliment! You so deserve to be the beautiful woman that you are. Listen to your children. Lynn you go enjoy this wedding and dance till your feet hurt. XXXXkathy

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