A thousand cupcakes


Months back when we were just starting this blissful journey, Foof and I decided we would make pastries for the wedding. A gorgeous cake has been ordered from Mom and Dad’s favorite place but we wanted to add some flare and do something a bit different. We were supposed to get together numerous times to work on this project but it just never happened. So, today is the day! How many cupcakes will we make and what flavors?

56 thoughts on “A thousand cupcakes

  1. Hugm? I have a great idea. IF the cupcakes turn out good, which I am sure they will, then make your wedding cake out of a mountain of cupcakes! I saw this done many years ago at a wedding I attended at the home of the former Major of SF, now Senatorf Feinstein’s house back in the late 70’s at a home reception there. The wedding cake was made out of cream puffs!

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  2. Been there, done that! Baking the cupcakes isn’t bad, it’s the decorating that is time-consuming!! We used nasturtiums atop the icing; they are edible! πŸ™‚
    I’m sure yours will be a huge hit!!

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