True story–No match


As we head towards the wedding I thought I would repost this story of Ben and Fattima’s romance!


He continued with his lecture on marriage and travel until tears hung in the creases of her eyelids. No decent man would allow his daughter to travel unaccompanied, not even for educational purposes. Her tiny silhouette stood in the form of a young woman, unfortunately the feisty and willful girl who had roamed the compound streets was no longer visible. Tears slowly dripped down her cheeks and onto wistful lips that had once been playful. She struggled to eat meals and found every excuse to avoid food that seemed distasteful and at times repulsive. As an infant and toddler her weight had been low much like her oldest brother and was eventually chalked up to family genes and the transition from breastfeeding to solid food. But now a slow decline was obviously due to lack of appetite and low caloric intake. Visits to the ER were made when stomach pain and distress could not be controlled at home and this continued well into her twenties. The connection between stress, anxiety and mealtime had not been made while still in a state of frozen survival.

A raise in his voice became evident as he circled back to the topic of marriage,when he handed over his duties to a husband it would be up to him, but until then the answer was still squarely no. She would not be allowed to travel with her grandparents to Paris, it was out of the question. Her older sister had been tricked into taking this trip and there was no going back but he could still shield her from this fate. He finished by reminding her that she was not just any girl and a man of upstanding character, wealth and reputable familial lineage would be the only acceptable suitor. A silent laugh and grin emanated from curved lips as he shook his head back and forth.


One last glance in the mirror produced a perfect figure but one that she was not accustomed to. In recent months bits and pieces, curves and a more voluptuous appearance had emerged leaving her both confused and frustrated. The dress fit nicely around her waist but somehow what had seemed delicate and flattering now stood as questionable. It was costly and she could not imagine spending so much for a garment that would be worn only once. A parade of dresses back and forth from dressing room to pedestal where she stood examining every detail were followed by discussion and finally a phone call to her betrothed. She giggled and smiled through a wisp of golden tinged hair until the conversation came to an end. There was no mistaking his feelings, it was up to her and she should be happy. The perfect ring of her choosing, a new home and now a dream wedding were all in her hands. It was clear that the past had faded and was no match for the sincerity of his blue and flawless eyes.


Happy ending

Foof did get to travel with her sister and grandparents to Paris and then to the United States! A deal of sorts was struck, that they would agree to cover their hair and abide by certain rules and we were able to make it happen. They got to see Paris, stayed at my childhood home in the woods with my parents, played in the snow and went with their brothers to the Oregon coast! They were gone for two months!!




68 thoughts on “True story–No match

  1. What an amazing chapter! Getting 2 months to be with her grandparents and experience another world. I know she and you are so grateful for a much happier ending. Celebrating life and an upcoming wedding and marriage. xoxo

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  2. What a deeply moving happy ending. How profoundly moving this must be for you, Lynn! Seeing your child struggle with her health and worrying about her and seeing her today! A mother heart cries from gratitude.

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  3. How wonderfully you wove this tale. I say again what a gifted writer you are. So glad for the happy ending. Such conflict. Such torment. Such agony for her to go through. Will you all ever be free? Keep striving. Keep teaching your kids real love and freedom. Xo ❤️

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  4. Her fiancé is madly in love with her. I think that nothing -and no one – could have kept fate from uniting these two. In that moment you describe, how I wish she could have known this future.

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  6. She is glowing, I am so happy that she was able to leave that part of her life behind and move on. They are adorable together, you can see the love flow from one to the other. I love it when the fairy tale happens. My X used to make my daughter eat a banana (which she hated) if she wanted to go out with her friends, and if she wanted to stay out longer he made her eat 2. He really was an ass. I have since apologized to her for putting her through all the Bs power tripping her did. She said its okay, she like bananas now. LOL Congrats for the up and coming nuptials… what fun!!

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  7. I am not sure how it all happened but I understand that your daughter is in the Western World, met a great guy, and is getting married and she chose her own husband and will soon have a home to live in, and possibly a career or a job! Maybe university. Yay, you are a proud mama.

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