Before “I do” Rehearsal dinner

I am still sorting through photos and getting back to routine so I decided to do a couple of posts sharing pictures of the two days leading up to the wedding. Thanks for your patience.

Last Friday we woke up early, packed the car and made our way to my hometown where we settled in at Osama and Jacki’s. An hour later we were at the wedding venue where we would take part in practicing our duties for the big day.  Meanwhile our precious boys jumped and hopped, walked past the water and took pictures on the stairs.IMG_0058
It was a simple run through of the wedding timelineIMG_0074Afterwards we drove to Ben’s parents home where the Bridal party gathered for the traditional rehearsal dinner.

The house was built by Ben’s father and overlooks pine trees and an expansive, meticulously manicured lawn. Ben’s grandparents, his brother and sister as well as their future spouses were all present. Childhood friends who were now prepared to stand by Ben and witness his nuptials also arrived and later that evening dinner was served.

The menu consisted of Cornish hens smoked to perfection, Spinach pomegranate salad, beans and several selections of bread with savory butters. The meal was elegant, the company engaging and the atmosphere festive. Mother of the groom and sister of the groom worked tirelessly to bring together this beautiful event and it was amazing in every way.

Ben’s family welcomed us and started the wedding weekend off in grand form.

Games were available to anyone who was interested, some played basketball and others sat on the deck in the cool Fall air.

As the sun set we ate dessert and contemplated what we would do the next day in order to prepare for the wedding. Fattima posed with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law and Alayna.


The first look




29 thoughts on “Before “I do” Rehearsal dinner

  1. Wow, you even had a get together before the wedding. That is really a big thing to organize all over. A beautiful scenery for the wedding photos. Did the groom see his bride like that before the wedding? Or were the pics taken after?

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    • They had the first look which I had not heard of. I guess it is a common practice. She walked up behind him and he then turned to see his bride for the first time! The photographer then took photos and a couple of hours later the ceremony took place.

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      • I had not heard of that either but it sounds romantic. It is a very special moment and wonderful that it was caught by the photographer. Thanks for explaining. My future son-in-law will see my daughter in her white dress only when she walks into the church.
        It is so interesting how different the traditions are.


  2. It is lovely to get a glimpse of the celebration and all the family there. What a beautiful setting for the wedding. Hope that there will be a photo or two of you that get shared with your blog family. Hope you have time to rest and catch your breath. xo

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