Wedding day

Thank you for your patience. I am glad I divided the wedding posts into several days and  will finish up tomorrow with more about the ceremony and reception.

Sunday morning 8 a.m.
We picked the girls up from the hotel and drove to the wedding venue where we found Ben’s family waiting. Yusuf and Alicia came shortly after and we unloaded cars, hauled boxes and sorted through items to figure out where they needed to be placed. Scott (Ben’s brother and best man) and Toni, his fiancee had already set up the candy bar. This was so helpful and it was one less thing on our list. By the way, the candy bar was the most popular table at the wedding!

Centerpieces were placed on each table by Ben’s mother and father and the guest book table was also completed at that time. The girls went directly to the bridal suite and prepared for the wedding. This was captured by their professional photographer and I am excited to see these photos!
The two younger sisters helping out

I spent my time downstairs directing traffic as my kids trickled in and were assigned jobs to help get everything ready. Osama arrived with the kids and buckets of flowers while Yusuf and Alicia put together a beautiful dessert table.IMG_0415 (1)


The little boys objected to wearing their wedding clothes and in particular suspenders and “mommom” (me) produced a toy that might have become more of a menace but at least took attention off of bow ties, slacks and little black shoes!IMG_0403

Everyone took turns holding the bouquet, Alyana and the boys!

It was then announced that it was time for the “first look”. I had never heard of this tradition before but Fattima filled me in on what appears to be a common practice. The groom waits for the bride, she walks up behind him and taps on his shoulder and he gets to see his bride for the first time in her gown. We were invited to watch this moment and it was priceless!

After the first look we continued with our set up as well as adding more family pictures! Five brothers from oldest to youngest.

Although this is not the best picture I had to post it as I think it best illustrates the glitter and glam of Fattima’s princess dress.


56 thoughts on “Wedding day

  1. Lynn, love you splitting up the photos into segments so they can be enjoyed in small bites. The photos of the little boys are so precious.The family moments are so delightful! Fattima with each of her brothers is precious. The whole family including Ben’s and yours shows the whole family doing their part to celebrate the marriage. I di miss seeing you in the photos but you were directing everyone and demonstrating your mother of the bride love. xoxo

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  2. WOW… Just beautiful and Congratulations to the Happy Couple.. The twins look lovely and I love you in your Dress Lynz… What a wonderful Day!… Thank you for sharing and making us all feel part of this magical day that you have led us so wonderfully up to with all of your preparations..
    LOVE ❤ Sue

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  3. Beautiful photos and a lovely idea to post some at a time…The bride looked beautiful and the dress was lovely as was everything else …It illustrates how far all of you have come and that is lovely to witness 🙂 xxx

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